Micheal King Poems

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I'M In Love

There is this lovely feeling i feel within me,
its a feeling thats gives me joy.
this feeling of mine keeps me going,
and i keep smilling without a pause.

I Am A Man Of Black And White

I am a man of black and white,
my name is written on the gates of the sky.
i am a man of black and white
my origin is united, yet two apart.

My Love Story

There is a girl in my life,
she's someone so close to my heart.
i hold her dear and high,
for she brings light to my dark night.


we all know the truth,
yet we are all victims of it.
we say it causes old age,
yet we fall out of stage.

Let Us Pray

Lord jesus it you who wake's me up everyday,
and am so ever greatful for your grace this is why i pray.
you let me touch so many people in words for the good
i couldn't take credit for the love u gave becouse it all came from you lord.


she's my beautiful friend,
so i'll wipe her tears.
she's proven to be the best,
so i'll hold her till the end.


A wonderful gift from God,
the giver of joy filled with joy.
She's the ultimate source of happiness,
shining the light of love filled with goodness.

The True Friend

He is the best of all friends,
so caring, he's a true friend.
He puts a smile on our faces,
for His love flows with graces.

The Love I Couldn'T Give

She begs and craves all day,
for the love i couldn't give
She hopes and filled her fate
with the love i couldn't give.

The Freedom Cry

She used to live a happy life,
until a strange hand came and took her away.
She used to be free like the birds in the sky,
until one day, her freedom was set ablaze.

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