My Love Story Poem by Micheal King

My Love Story

Rating: 4.0

There is a girl in my life,
she's someone so close to my heart.
i hold her dear and high,
for she brings light to my dark night.

I can remember vividly the first day i met her,
i was stunned greatly for she holds the beauty of the sky.
her smile was so mild, even nature would blush at sight
no wonder all the boy wanted her to be thier's in class.

I manoeuvered my way into her life,
and she accepted me with open arms.
everyday i sit quiet just to watch her smile,
for i was mesmerised greatly by her beauty charm.

As time passed, we became best of friends
life became sweet, for her smile wiped my tears.
there is no friend who captured my heart like her,
for she's as mild as the stars in the sky.

But shortly after, my friendship begat love
and everything began to change in my life.
my heart started beating faster without a stop,
my thoughts was clouded by the beauty of her smile.

she's all i think of all day long,
sometimes i call her name in my dream.
my love for her was so strong,
and i loved her even in my sleep.

But my love for her remained a tale,
for in her presence i become so lame.
not once could i summon courage to tell her how i feel,
for those three lovely words were tied on my lips.

Time flew before i realised it,
the final exam came and we all made our exits.
everything changed before i knew it,
for the world changed from how i met it.

My happy moments became a tale,
for my cheerful heart had lost its taste.
i sit all day long thinking of my past,
for all i have left is the memory of her smile.

Deborah Micheal 23 October 2012

so much for love...your love story is amazing. you will find her someday.

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Josh Trager 19 October 2012

hhmm..lovely story. you will find her someday

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Randy Micheal 19 October 2012

thanks dudes, i'm happy you love it.......@ taiwo, i aint jealouse..she'll be mine someday, i know it

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Supriya Prathapan 08 October 2012

Well this is the plight of a lot people, they are unable to express their feelings. Wish you find her some time soon.

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James T. Abel Adesitimi 06 October 2012

time flew before i realised it what a personification! I feel for her too. Don't say i'm jealous cos my words are just a tale. Nice one

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