The Freedom Cry Poem by Micheal King

The Freedom Cry

Rating: 3.5

She used to live a happy life,
until a strange hand came and took her away.
She used to be free like the birds in the sky,
until one day, her freedom was set ablaze.
She used to feel the joy of life,
but now life feels like a plague.

She was taken far away,
very very far away
away from her her motherland
into a foriegn land to be a slave.
Now, her smiles have fade,
her joy misplaced.
Her cheerful heart is filled with tears,
for she is still very little in years.

Now, life seems meaningless
in hurts, life felt like hell.
She cry all day, even with no cloth to where
but there is none to wipe her tears.
She is no more treated with respect,
for her rulling days were ended.

Behold! See how the mighty have fallen,
the daughter of the great king is forgottten.
Not even her father's wealth could bring her back,
for she is nowhere to be found in the stranger's land.
Her hope faded, her fate lost
her joy ended, her heart void.

Her sorrowful days seems endless,
her dark days seems timeless.
Until one day her freedom cry was heard,
by that lovely stranger with so much beard
who had come from a beautiful city afar,
behold! He is the king's right hand.

Tears of joy rolled down her face,
smile on joy was once again seen on her eyes.
Behold! Back are the happy days,
for she's been saved by the freedom cry.

Deborah Micheal 23 October 2012

lovely story....her freedom cry was heard, now she's back to her days of glory beside her father.

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Randy Micheal 19 October 2012

it feels good being free.............

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