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A desire is within the heart, pounding along a beat only you can hear.
The tune that resides only in a memory, or lost to a destined future.
A shadowed soul lifted, and the last tear of pain has fallen.
Dreams are no longer hidden beyond the eyes of the once dammed.
Forever In My Dreams
Behind A Silent Mask
The worst cries of the broken is when I'm in my room shadowed by the dark, and the feeling of being alone starts to set in. My stomach starts to tighten up, that's when the first tear falls.

I bury my face beneath my pillows trying to restrain myself from letting The world know of my distress, making sure I remain hidden behind the mask of my fears.
Heavy breaths and a hand full of tears my heart begins to tare itself bit by piece, leaving me with nothing but the feeling of emptiness.
Death Is Life
A Letter From An Angel
Just because you cannot see me, does not mean I'm not there.
I'm the kiss hidden in the rain drop that lands on your cheek.
I'm the beauty in a butterfly that flies graciously along your path.
I'm the brightness in the sky at night to guide you in the dark.
My Heart Belongs To Him
Existing in this world no longer feels like reality, I'm starting to wish I could stay with you forever in my dreams.
Waking up is becoming more painful then ever because each time I realize the dream was never real.
I try every day to seem normal to the living to make sure my pain is well hidden or the fact of everyone knowing I still haven't let you go.
I know you don't care, probably don't even love me anymore.
A Painful Goodbye
I have to let you go, though it seems so hard letting go of the person that left such a big imprint in my heart but it has to be done.
Loving you was a pleasure that I thank you for, because you showed me exactly what love was suppose to feel like.
It hurts so much watching as the days goes by not having you in my life, still being completely in love with you.
I would shed tears almost every night not wanting to sleep only because I knew you were going to be in my dreams, and having to wake up without you hurt even more.
Tortured Love
Drawn to determination, set forth to bring redemption to oneself. Anger and prosecution is sealed to an everyday fate, that's built to bring down the soul.
Words given causes cries in the night, the sounds so disturbing it causes even the darkest beast to yeald.
Who shall bring such pain & turmoil but the bringer of death himself, damned by the devil and casted out by God.
Shunned with torture he leers in the shadows sinking his rotting soul upon hers. The heart beats become hallow as he drains her memories, love, dreams, until all she feels is emptiness. He watches without feelings as if shes his prey, eyes steadily following her every move.

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