Mike Finley

Rookie (July 4,1950 / Flint, Michigan)

Mike Finley Poems

1. Living Without Friends 2/28/2006
2. Be A Better Poet 4/2/2006
3. The Spot 4/23/2006
4. A Prayer For Truth 4/24/2006
5. A Prayer At Planting Time 4/26/2006
6. Gise Pedersen Sets Me Straight On A Matter Of Natural History 3/4/2006
7. Moab 3/5/2006
8. When We Are Gone 3/5/2006
9. Lullabye 3/9/2006
10. Your Human Being 2/28/2006
11. Witnesses 2/28/2006
12. Horses Work Hard 3/6/2006
13. The Dogs Of Madison Square 3/8/2006
14. Embarrass 5/18/2006
15. Icky 5/18/2006
16. Landing In Las Vegas 5/18/2006
17. Traffic Stopper 5/18/2006
18. Little Bighorn 5/23/2006
19. The Toggle Switch 5/24/2006
20. My Darling Serpentine 5/25/2006
21. Return Of The Non-Native 5/26/2006
22. On A Bridge 5/26/2006
23. Pointless 5/27/2006
24. The Jeffers Petroglyphs 5/27/2006
25. Rosary 5/27/2006
26. Forty Below 5/27/2006
27. Rustic 5/27/2006
28. In Kansas 5/27/2006
29. Poetry 5/29/2006
30. Perspective 5/31/2006
31. Mescal Has Steamboat Run With Thedogs 5/31/2006
32. Sergeant Ernesto Gallegos Abolishes Higher Rank 5/31/2006
33. Bernal Diaz At Prayer Before The Massacre,1519 5/31/2006
34. Sleeping On My Hands 2/28/2006
35. A Prayer For Redefinition 4/27/2006
36. Garfunkel 2/20/2008
37. Shampoo 2/20/2008
38. Sometimes The Soul Will Hotfoot It Away 2/22/2008
39. The Soul Loves The World More Than You Know 2/25/2008
40. To The Soul Every Day Is The Sabbath 2/26/2008

Comments about Mike Finley

  • Cheryl Grussing (5/18/2018 1:34:00 AM)

    Hats off to you for your many avenues of writing.

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  • Goldy Locks (6/25/2006 8:23:00 PM)

    Finley, where have you bin?


    You are a breath of fresh air, Mike, a welcome addition to our little dysfunctional family. From the poetry of yours that I have read, I am quite impressed with you as a word artist. Your sense of humor and devil-may-care attitude about critics or self-proclaimed experts is fun to play with. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Michael Shepherd (5/20/2006 6:38:00 AM)

    Mike, I tried to find words to express what your poems mean to me...

  • ***** ********* (5/20/2006 4:48:00 AM)

    You have shamed me Mike! You have made me laugh, you have made me think more than twice. You have chastised me for many a vice, but you have also always been nice. I have been slight in my comments of your work, because there are so many of my subjects to spead myself amongst, but you are a poet of fine imagery and insight, stretching back through a long and successful career. You are a fair and fine man and an inspiration to all who read you. Is that ok? lol Grinning at you, Tai

Best Poem of Mike Finley

A Prayer For Resilience

As the mountain hungers to be made flat
So I burn for your salvation.

Help me to forgive the airplanes
strafing me on the skyscraper.

The centipedes in the pillowcase
know not what they do.

Spread open my chest with a spring-clamp
And let my heartbeat keep my time.

These trembling hands want work.
These clapping lips want song.

To you I lift a styrofoam cup.
Pile on, dear God, pile on!


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The Spot

Stars, ignore the crimes occurring
like catfights under the windows.

Sometimes we're ashamed
of what goes on in the alley,
the things we overturn
and track into the house.
If we were cats we'd know
when to move on.

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