Milan Baro

Freshman - 539 Points (87*12*5)

Milan Baro Poems

1. My Celestial 6/30/2012
2. Her Withdrawal From Tidal Space 6/30/2012
3. Unresolved Visions 6/30/2012
4. Free Me From Me(Investment) 7/3/2012
5. Sonlesslfatherhood 7/3/2012
6. Maybe, But I Am Not Sure Too(Investment) 7/3/2012
7. Put An Effort In Something You Can Not Change(Investment) 7/7/2012
8. Omecarta 7/17/2012
9. So Silently Raged 6/30/2012
10. Afraid To Speak Out 10/20/2012
11. Pondering Above The Luminous Clouds 6/6/2016
12. We Are Note And Ear 6/6/2016
13. Causal Lie 9/10/2017
14. Left Out 12/21/2012
15. Subsisting Overlook 3/29/2015
16. Love's Allegory 11/2/2017
17. Love Whispers By Ümit Yaşar Oğuzcan 8/7/2018
18. M. K. Atatürk 11/9/2018
19. Lost Sum's Plea 6/30/2012
20. Wicked Keeper 6/30/2012
21. Patience 10/18/2012
22. Must Be The Ones To Live Love? 9/10/2017
23. Best Of Tragedy 9/10/2017
24. I Am The Aimless Love 10/20/2012
25. Everything Goes In Circles 5/11/2016
26. Hi Time 7/1/2012

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Best Poem of Milan Baro

Hi Time

I began writing as I was ill
Then the dark sun came out to push my will
I abandoned bad thoughts, the sickness I do fought
Now ı am back, it is raining unusually
How I wished my thoughts were those for goodness

I came down with relentless empathy
Hooked on its greatness, such a tragedy
Needlessly I once released from my obsession and granted solitude
The stories of those marked seep in to my dreams
I served for this post restlessly, I demand now
Heal me

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So Silently Raged

Who am I suppose to be?
What is my alternative reasons?
Born to be a slave of loneliness
Is this the plot of my being?

Silently waiting for the moment
That never truly meant to come
In this denial lies the comfort
Soon deprive of thougths

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