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Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig
Your a real treat
Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig
Big man hiding with a badge

Try Slashing your writ with a broken bottle
of corrosive acid tar
Or strut the legs of Scissor Blades
to make erect nipple puss

He walks the seedy dark streets of Friscos
Lower ends
Moving nonchalantly into private
Apartment rooms

Oh how I’m sorry to say goodbye you blue marvel
You really were the fairest of the rabble
But I can’t stand the tenants that hang around your place
So I’m packing off today from the planet of the apes

In the oval office, Trump performed his oral service
to the president of the united states
the calculating adroit, expressionless marksman
Mr. KGB of 1985, Vlad 'the stud' Putin

Simon lived with cadavers, down beneath the underworld
Scared of life and always shy he played it safe with mummy crowds
His expertise was quite unique in areas of special care
Curator and beautician to patrons passed, and Medium rare

Is it kosher to kiss an Israeli jews ass?
Or is it just the mark where they stab you in the back

In the land of Milk and Honey

A soldier
is just a person
who puts their life
on the line

I Saw Satan fucking
God on a couch
while Jesus
was watching

Old McDonald had a farm
Ey I ee I o
And oh his farm he had some cows
Ey I ee I oh

Would you like to play with my cucumber?
Its amply dense and steadily limber
Fresh from the earth it rises and hovers
Green as a whistle but twice and thicker

He wasn't a very happy boy
Never played with shiny toys
He was a black cloud in his house
His mood could trap a cagy Mouse

Living in the burbs
Its a swamp of creeping pervs
Everyone's on nerves
were a therapists hors d'oeuvres

The story of easter
Behind the Vail myth
Hangs the burdened truth
Tis began when a group of evil Dominican priests found the lost book of Saul,

oh, here she blow my mind
oh yeah, she blows my spine
but then she pops out

Adam wore his mothers wedding dress
as he caressed his sisters breast
while drunken angels watched
naked in butterscotch

Twirl the batons you infidels
And park the bleachers for Fridays mass
Your Heathen mascots tongue will bleed
Certified from my Jihads decree

Bloodsucking feign Princes
Scourge of dignity
No substance in your mirror
Just a vogue calamity

Milos Jovanka Biography

born in a blood orgy to the dark god morgog, my mother was an assassin and a spelling bee champion and my father a bomb shell of sperm, possibly Sagittarius. i once use to stalk cereal mascots, tuco sam has a restraining order against me.)

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Piggy, Piggy, Piggy, Pig

Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig
Your a real treat
Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig
Big man hiding with a badge

It must be fun to have the power
Exploiting others from your charter
Beating up the weak and vulnerable
Protected under a code of honour

Down in Vancouver they kick the disabled
In Montreal they shoot down the homeless
The boys in Red just rape the girls
Who try to climb up the old boys club

Wherever theirs law, crimes being made
Sometimes it works the other way
The mafia could learn a thing or two
On how to keep it low like the boys in blue

So Let's go get the pigs
And tear them down a notch
We'll find out where they live
Pay them a late night visit
Beat down their front doors
Then throw them from their homes
We'll Kick them in the heads
Just like Rodney King
Only this time were in the right

Piggy Piggy Piggy Pig
We're gonna cut you down a notch
Piggy piggy Piggy Pig
Now your gonna be our bacon

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