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You speak to the brides
through the cold thin air
of treason,
betraying them by your

The summer we spent at the beach
left us far from where we started.
You were content to spend your days,
nights, in quiet somnambulism.

Cool air and a ripe apple lie forgotten
on the bed of summer.
A chestnut orb, prickly piece of
sabotage, finds my step as I transverse

I missed you today.
Yesterday, your footprints were
found in the gray sand.

I wait at night
for the man to come.
Tired of daylight dawning.
Eyes blinded wide

Time has moved in, bringing his
dusty cloak and a steamer trunk.
With a creak unnoticed before,
he lifts the brassed lid high


The town square was tepid in the early morning light.
Tea for two and a squirrel begging for food.
Serenity transposed on a single blade of grass.
A moment's pause in a possible lifetime.

During deep discussion it slipped out;
the tiger long caged, the skeleton in the closet.
A secret so hidden, it's cobwebbed form
floated unheard for seconds.

The house on the corner was empty.
When I passed by, there were no
reminders of us having lived
on the third floor with the slanted

You went to the
top of the mountain
where the trees stood
aside to give you

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Constant Leaving

You speak to the brides
through the cold thin air
of treason,
betraying them by your
constant leaving.
And each white woman
accepts your sport
as love,
the winnings returned
ten times over.
The golden cup you drink from
whispers 'victory'
over virginal evasiveness;
the shy advances of
a woman child;
the desperate moods of
a dancer;
the forgotten passions of
a sister.
You betray each one
and leave them
so complete.

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Phillip Sawatzky 15 October 2009

This doesnt do justice to your talents, as evidenced by your other poems offered on this site. But I like the vision, though something is missing, and that is your details and pointed perceptions.

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