Ray C. Poems

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No One Can Understand Them

Once a pon a time, there lived Lucas and Tom.
They were walking through the forest to find some fruits to eat.
Tom: You know what? I am going out with a girl.
Lucas: Really? Is she bad?

Lily Like Your Name

Magic Lily,
Water Lily,
Lily, and
Lily, your name.

Purple Rose, Lilac, Lavender, And Blue Ocean

You're favorite color was purple, wasn't it?
Purple like a rose, lilac, lavender and your hair.
Pencil, pen, shirt, shoes, even your heart.
Everything near you was purple, like your hair.


'If you see something,
say something.'
I am a coward, so I can't even say it,

Four Seasons

Her reddish lip was like a rose in spring.
Her blond(e) hair was like a sunlight in summer.
Her eyes were like an old leaf in autumn.
Her spotless skin was like a snow in winter.

Yes, I Am Okay.

Yes, I am okay.
Yes, I am happy.
Yes, I am not angry.
Yes, I am not upset.

Biting Nail

Everytime you compare me with that girl.
Everytime you say that my test score is really bad.
Everytime you say that I have to stop saying like this.
Everytime you don't understand me.

One-Sided Love

I really like you.
I remember you're friend saying that
your favorite color is black.
After that day,

I Want To Die

I want to die.
I don't want to see that person again.
I don't want to do that.
I don't want to see them walking away from me.

Child's Dream

A big glass broke;
and into small pieces.
Even it is small pieces,
it was still colorful and very gorgeous.

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