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Min Sia Poems

1. Fallen 10/13/2008
2. Picture Of You 10/13/2008
3. Death 10/14/2008
4. My Unbreakable 10/14/2008
5. Once A Poet... 10/15/2008
6. My Suicide 10/17/2008
7. Going Under 10/29/2008
8. My Immortal 11/7/2008
9. Empty 11/7/2008
10. Greenland Memory 11/8/2008
11. My Lies 11/10/2008
12. Continuity 11/10/2008
13. Pauses 11/16/2008
14. Facade 11/24/2008
15. The Conversation 12/4/2008
16. Mask 12/12/2008
17. Forgotten Peace 12/15/2008
18. Delusion 12/15/2008
19. Battlefield 12/16/2008
20. I Love You 11/13/2008
21. Autobiography 11/8/2008
22. Fear 11/16/2008
23. Life For Death 11/24/2008
24. I Am 1/12/2009
25. Journey Of Love 12/15/2008
Best Poem of Min Sia

Journey Of Love

Love they say is the final term
Uplifts ones life in any turn
Souls would freed unveiling its power
Summoning life in any matter

With love you can look beyond
Exemplifies nothing just be on the road
Journey full of commodities
First class cabin with all your seats

Absorbing all those what you see
Leaving nothing even those least
Depending on route which way to flee
Eye's plenty of tasty candies

Why should I think of something else?
If there's still one journey left
Going back to the starting line
OH! It's so good to reminisce tonight!

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I'm the truth living inside you
So don't hide, so don't cry.
I lay inside you since then.
Can you feel me in your arms?

I'm your freedom.
For no one's left to save you.
Soon darkness will spread all over.
Embracing what you've left behind.

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