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I am all but nothing
I am all but a shame
I am all but a lie
I am all but a prison

I love you..there's no reason
As the sky kissed the land
As the sun and moon held each hand
As the bee disposed his honey

A genuine lad is all I can be
Though deadliest future beholds this limited thee
Yet, even destiny couldn't find his way
And yet, my path couldn't risk any stake


This coldness tortures me
This melancholy oppresses me
This silence kills me
I can't cry

Love they say is the final term
Uplifts ones life in any turn
Souls would freed unveiling its power
Summoning life in any matter


To my friend, Naru Kaede

One stormy night..
Darkness surrounds so might..
Suddenly, a great thunder..
I asked,

A newly born flower
Slowly blowing her horn
Fresh grasses all over
Smiling on its thorns

The world
On its shimmering beauty
Of all its members
All unique and equal


I'm the truth living inside you
So don't hide, so don't cry.
I lay inside you since then.
Can you feel me in your arms?

A great arena of induced fake profound
Where warriors plucked their stoned swords
From the graveyard of the blurred fortress
Monuments hanging on forsaken gates

Peace! Ah..my craziest aim.
When will this honor be claimed?
It look so easy as my ABC
Wish I was on my nursery

From a land of sand arise two kinds of warrior
A vagabonds leading into the same phenomenon
Pass through up hill and down dale
Crushing every stones hanging from fountains


The first word on my mind



Every night the moon shines,
But the nest was silent and sad.
Through your tears breaks a blinding light,
Birthing a dawn to this endless night.

I feel the beauty of the world...
..the restless wind...
..the splashes of spring water...
..the gigantic views of mountain...

Coldest wind touches me
Bracing me 'till warmth release
Tears of chained vow
White flowers all around

I saw you in your mother's gown.
I saw you standing in that glamorous garden,
Holding such beautiful white roses,
With the best smile you ever had.

Ideas and thoughts were all premonitions.
Lingered together with emotion.
Sensitivity full of contradictions.
Losing its path in an intersection.

Watch me until morning
Brace me upon you
Hold me dear tightly
Touch me deeply

Min Sia Biography

I'm in my 20yrs of age..I grew up like a princess..now I'm living in a total mess..nothing did I do to make this happen..yet I'm suffering from the sin of others.. I only have my endless faith..brightest dreams I've ever had..sometimes I think its wrong to dream..to expect for something..for whenever I failed the pain was doubled... *I'm a culinary arts student...and I like reading novels..and making poems..hope my journey ends..thats what I always pray...)

The Best Poem Of Min Sia

I Am

I am all but nothing
I am all but a shame
I am all but a lie
I am all but a prison
For those veins bursting all red
Yet bodies glowed and reined
Yet bodies have eaten the flesh of humankind
Sipping and sucking every wound aligned
Big, deep voices laughing aloud
Until those had closed their golden vault
To me that have cleansed their souls
To them I'm an acid to their bones

Frozen tails and spears have decided
Summoning the only name that should not be uttered
They began running to four corners
Of the world of fires and sirens
Bushes and thorns bleeding on their feet
Beneath the surface misted by life's feast
Commanded by the creatures of darkness
Cursed by golden swords and shields
Yet prayers were offered
By the highest fortress and colleagues

I am all but nothing
I am all but a shame
I am all but a lie
I am all but a prison


Min Sia Comments

Aiswarya. T.anish 14 December 2008

Dear Min Sia....., best wishes

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Naru Kaede 06 December 2008

Min Sia... A nice, cute, kind girl... She's always make a poem that very beautiful and touch... Maybe she don't know her talent yet, hehehehe... But the expresion of what her felt always can be inspiring poem... Poem not must made from a hard word, But Min Sia can make it from a simple word, to be very worth meaning... I like Min Sia, my best friend from a far, Even it's separate with lot of island and sea, But that's not a barrier for our friendship, Hahaha, thanks for Min Sia that always hear my story, , , Love you GIRL... Hahahahaha, , Regards Naru Kaede,

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Aiman Rathore 23 November 2008

very nice and well put in words...especially the first few lines really touched me.

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