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Love is a flower
Whose petals always bloom
Love is a breeze
In the seashore,

If you ever hear a bird's song,
Singing mightily and it is not Spring,
Know that it is a love so strong,
The one of my father echoing me;

I did not know that you had died,
Until I saw death straight in the face,
She looked so beautiful in disguise,
And there, like never, I wasn't afraid;

The Autumn Rose

A yellow rose silently bloomed,
One morning, in the cold of Autumn,

I sit in silence now,
Listening to the bird songs that slowly fade,
As they stand on the empty branches of trees,
Looking up, the wind touches my face,

Ah, October, October...
You once upon a time favorite month,
My love affair with you is over,
Your cruel first day stopped a loving heart.

I wore a Hat that summer
While walking on the seashore,
It was of colors blue and green,
It brought the Sun through woven holes,

If it was that I only remembered one thing,
Only one, from you and the story of our love,
It would be,
Our arms wrapped in a big warm hug and you whispering,

A distant music plays,

A distant music plays,

Te kam ne zemer,
Edhe pse ditet ikin
Vrapojne pa ty,
Desha t'i ndal

I saw him naked, in skin and mind,
As if an ocean wave had washed his pride,
And left his soul so far behind,
Or took his soul, and left no sign

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Love Is

Love is a flower
Whose petals always bloom
Love is a breeze
In the seashore,
Love is an unfinished poem
Always being written,
Love is spring
With aromatic perfumes,
Love is a mountain
You climb in a night,
It's a fountain
You drink from in flight,
Love is a heart
In delicious delight,
A heart that beams,
A heart that warms,
A heart that gives,
A heart that hugs,
A heart that surrenders;
Love is so many things,
It's nearly all the
In one word.
The unfinished poem
Always being written,
Love is the feeling
That wraps your soul
In a thousand rose petals,
It's eyes
In the most beautiful color

Love is running
Towards the stars,
It's a hug
When you most need it,
It's so many things,
But most of all,
Love is
A song written for you
Sang to you
When everything
And everyone
in the world is silent.

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Practicing Poetess 02 July 2017

A sensational poet! She should have no problem at all getting her poetry book published. I look forward to that with eager anticipation.

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