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Raindrops glistening on tree leaves
Like diamonds in the sun,
Tiny little rivulets
Of water on the run,

There must be something
In the moon's soft glow
That causes our
Creative juices to flow.

So many things to say,
Not enough hours in the day.
Please tell me all about you,
I'd like to tell you about me, too.

What a lovely way to die
In the arms of the one who loves you
Some must die alone; No lie
For they have no one to hold onto.

The sound of peace, so sweet,
Is not silence.
The sound of peace
Is words of comfort

You're black coffee; I'm the cream
I am waking; You're the dream
I am Venus; You are Mars
You're the sky; I am your stars.

I'd rather have a broken arm
Than a broken heart.
A broken arm will mend itself
Without too many scars.

My eyes are blue,
And his are brown.
His hands are tan,
While mine are pink.

If you want to be loved
(And we all do) ,
You gotta pay the price
You gotta make the sacrifice.

People speak of love at first sight
With Vampires, it's love at first bite
But what's it like, beyond the stars,
To fall in love on planet Mars?

She'd probably be Daddy's girl
All smiles for you, as she jumped and twirled
Perhaps she'd even have your curls,
If she had lived.

The wind and the rain
Seem never to end.
One brief day of sunshine,
Then, they're back again.

Would you breathe into this tube?
The policeman asked the man
Who'd been weaving in the traffic,
Causing many traffic jams.

Mum used to be her hero,
The person she most admired.
To grow up to be just like Mum
Was all her girl desired.

When darkness is plentiful,
Or pain is abundant,
It seems hope is silent
As you soldier on.

Friendship and Love,
Both alike in some ways.
Their similarities
Simply amaze.

You're reaching for a ghost from the past,
Who is gone
Dancing with shadows,
While you're all alone.

Should you let the man lead
If you dance, but he doesn't?
If he has two left feet,
Fred Astaire, he sure wasn't?

This is an incomplete poem I began at the tender young age of 20 years, in the midst of angst-ridden youth. (Fortunately, my thinking is different now!) Much of my poetry on this site is a mish-mosh from different time periods in my life. This particular one has forever remained a fragment - -to date- - hence, the title. I wondered what it would be like to allow our wonderful worldwide community of talented poets to have a go at completing this poor orphaned fragment. Let's see how we all do! My only 2 requests are:
1.) Please preserve the original rhyme scheme, and
2.) Please be nice!

Jeremy often would daydream
Of going back in a time machine
Young widower, who'd lost his wife
Would wish to bring her back to life.

Practicing Poetess Biography

Biography of Practicing Poetess As best she remembers, Practicing Poetess wrote her first poem at about the age of seven. Her mother saved a copy of some early childhood poetry, written in crayon, in her baby album. Practicing Poetess has written on-and-off since then, over the years. She takes her inspiration from a myriad of sources, including but not limited to her own thoughts and experiences, the experiences of others, and her very fertile imagination! As of this date, she has been a member of Poem Hunter for 6 months, and was selected for Member Poem of the Day on Friday 23rd June,2017, and again on Wednesday 25th October,2017. She was also just recently chosen for Member Poem of the Day on Wednesday 27 March,2019. This Bio badly needs updating. How did she become a member on Poem Hunter? From January 2017 through July 2017, Practicing Poetess's poems were read aloud weekly on Poetry Night over a radio station broadcasting from the UK. The Radio Presenter who hosted this programme has been off sick since July, and his show has been discontinued for the foreseeable future. The Presenter would read aloud either original poetry submitted, or famous classic poetry. On the rare occasions when she had no original poetry to submit, Practicing Poetess would use the Poem Hunter site to research well-known traditional poets. Once she made the commitment to take her writing seriously like a job for the radio station, her poetry PROLIFERATED! Awash in poetry, she made the discovery that she could create an account at Poem Hunter and begin submitting her own poetry there, as well. That's when she branched out, and began writing on a variety of topics. Writing so much for the UK station and for PoemHunter has led to one of her poems becoming the lyrics for a composed song. But until it is recorded and performed by someone famous, she refuses to let the cat out of the bag, because it is still in the early stages! She is the lyricist, and collaborated with another composer. Previous to being read aloud over the UK radio station, Practicing Poetess briefly read some of her work aloud over an open microphone at a Writers Group. Prior to this, she was a member of a sit-down Writers Group which met once a month in a church meeting room. She writes song lyrics, her own greeting card poems, and particularly enjoys composing birthday poems for special people on their day, and presenting the poems to them as gifts. Most recently, she has become involved with an art gallery which invites a writers' centre to peruse the art, and then to write poetry to accompany the various works of art. Owing in part to her long-standing relationship with this art gallery, the manager asked her to submit several of her poems to be studied by the artists, who will then create paintings corresponding to her poetry!)

The Best Poem Of Practicing Poetess

Newly Fallen Rain

Raindrops glistening on tree leaves
Like diamonds in the sun,
Tiny little rivulets
Of water on the run,
Rain cascades from gutters like
A waterfall's begun,
Instant birdbaths for the birds,
They're having lots of fun.

As I listen to the steady
Drip and every drop,
I begin to wonder if
It's ever going to stop!
Trees are bending in the wind
Despite their soaking tops,
My poor balcony's a mess,
I'll have to get the mop!

Practicing Poetess Comments

Practicing Poetess 27 March 2018

11th March 2018 was my one-year anniversary on Poem Hunter (I joined the site, and created my account then.) It's been quite a journey!

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Michael Walker 20 November 2017

She is a writer who is not afraid of love and its expression. Nor is she afraid to try different styles and forms. I enjoy all her poems I have read so far.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 January 2019

Practicing Poetess is a great and wonderful writer from the United Kingdom, the place of world's famous composers and singers. The first time I saw her work in PH, I started to follow her poems. The poems she writes are truly inspiring and heartwarming to the heart and soul of a reader. She is a real blessing to the world of poetry.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 01 February 2018

In reading the work of Practicing Poetess, it is quite evident that her practicing is paying off in spades. Employing short, crisp, fluxive lines, she presents a poetic canvass of imagery that not only brings her audience to the work, but takes them into and within the work, which is the mark of a good Poet. Her craftsmanship carries fluid structural movement, which affords her audience an eye-pleasing read. She is a polished scribe & a must read. Frank James Ryan, Jr. / IPM-USA/U.K.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 10 January 2018

Practicing Poetess (Pen Name) from United Kingdom is a very nice, multi-talented, kind hearted, courageous and internationally reputed leading poetess who writes very deep and meaningful poems about love, life, society, nature and many more. I have gone through many of her valuable poems which carry nice essence of expression and her efforts. (Part-1)

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Ray Hansell 09 December 2020

I think we all have them lying around. Very nice.

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Louis Rams 04 May 2019

when you think of a poem coming to life you think of her and the talent of taking you on that path to worlds unknown and feelings that are known by all people. she is like the wind pushing at your back making you move forward to unchartered islands and nectars never tasted before.

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Kostas Lagos 06 March 2019

Practicing Poetess 's poems are like her pen name.Imaginative! If she used a pen to write her poems, there wouldn't be any ink but honey!

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M Asim Nehal 26 February 2019

A poetess, who writes every poetry with passion. Her poems are pearls in necklace. I wish to read many more poems. God Bless her.

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Prabir Gayen 20 February 2019

Very sensitive and powerful barret Browning and Emily Bronte...

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Practicing Poetess Quotes

'If you hear no evil, see no evil, and think no evil, then chances are you'll never write a best-selling novel! '

In order to create beauty, Often you first have to make a mess!

The best way to predict your future, is to CREATE it, yourself.

The happiest people don't HAVE the best of everything; they MAKE the best of everything.

Most all truly great writing is a blend of fact and fiction. The fact makes it believable. The fiction keeps it interesting.

Exhale the pain of the past; Inhale your faith in the future!

Love, when it goes wrong, Is the most painful thing in the world.

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