M. Asim Nehal Mirror Poems

Request To Mirror.

Don't show my glowing face,
don't reflect my true image,
I see a false in it,
It is like a mirage.

Your Love ❤️~ A Moving Mirror

Your body is a moving mirror
It reflects my ledge of shadows
Cling to the moonlight through goblet
Hanging like the droplets.

Ode To Mirror

You're our genuine partner,
outright and unadulterated
no sugar quoting
not complimenting

Mirror! ! ! !

Mirror I love thy not for u show my true face,
Gone are those days when u were mine,
How can I forget those moments when u showed glamour?
Now with my creeping age you are apathetic.

Soul Mirror

Don't show my glowing face
don't reflect my true image
I see a false in it
It is like a mirage

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