Mixo Malepfane

Mixo Malepfane Poems

1. African Beauty 8/13/2015
2. Forgive Me 8/13/2015
3. Words 8/28/2015
4. Death 8/28/2015
5. Secret Admire 8/28/2015
6. What Matters Most 8/28/2015
7. Patience 8/28/2015
8. Acceptance 8/28/2015
9. Patience With Love 8/28/2015
10. Loneliness 8/28/2015
11. Mothers Love 8/28/2015
12. Made By Death 8/29/2015
13. Power 9/4/2015
14. Foe Or Friend 9/4/2015
15. I Did Not Cry 9/4/2015
16. Can I Fall In Love With You 9/4/2015
17. Stolen Kisses 9/4/2015
18. In Love Alone 9/4/2015
19. Can I Kiss You 9/10/2015
20. Moments 6/4/2016
21. This Moment Is Eternal 6/22/2015
22. I Want To Be Alive 6/22/2015
23. Fighting A Losing Battle 7/22/2015
24. Dear Honored Friend 7/22/2015
25. A Song Of A True Lover 7/22/2015
26. Being Human 7/22/2015
27. Dear Old Me 7/22/2015
28. When Life Happens 7/22/2015
29. True Friend To Me 7/24/2015
30. My Hero My Sister 8/1/2015
31. When We Met 8/5/2015
32. My Truth My Secret 8/6/2015
33. This Woman In You 8/8/2015
34. Why You 11/8/2012
35. Letter To My Soul Mate 10/31/2012
36. This Is Love 8/11/2015
37. Tears Of A Weeping Lover 7/22/2013

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Tears Of A Weeping Lover

Tears of a weeping lover

When did I lose you my love
How did my world fall apart
Where did I leave us
For the tears I cry are bitter than vinegar

How can something without form nor shape breake
What am I to do with all these promises
Who do I give this love to
And who will give me hope

How do I accept something that does not belong to me
For I gave you my heart because it was yours
How do I give back all that you gave me
Do I change my name back from us to me

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I Want To Be Alive

How much growing older has made me younger
For I cherish what I have more than what I want
True age brings maturity and wisdom
For through life you get to learn what you already know, YOURSELF

Those that do not understand require time to stand for them to be alive
What is life if it is the same everyday
Suicide is a mockery to life
For life is beautiful and has its own flow

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