Moahammad Maleki

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The ultimate purpose of life is expansion of happiness.

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Children Of Poverty

Arrows of poverty darting from throes
Thorns of destitution germinating from thrones

Flood of orphans sprouting on ghettos of misery

Poet Versus Lie

Sound Of Wisdom

There is a sound within my soul portending a long night of inner-tumult
There is a sound rising from the very compartment of my body
Devouring sanity of logic like a covetous scavenger chewing its victim

Story Of My Death

Last night clock stroked 9: 33
Death knocked the door of my isolated room
As if shrouded around a long dark veil
His guise was hidden behind a dull barrier


he was drowned in the ocean of burned and dry leaves in the jungle of nothing in nowhere

when he got up he noticed a tattered and shabby shackle in distance

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