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He's the hero fighting strong
Fighting hard to fix the wrongs
He's the hero with the sword
Who with one hand can chop aboard

Ivory and Ebony

Night brings to mind
Ivory and ebony

I woke with the sun's rays
And the roosters too
I woke to hear the early birds
And listened to them coo

O' angel of heaven
O' angel of light
When you gaze at a looking glass
O what beholds your sight?


Who and what art thou, o Youth
That thou hast fast flown by like a bird in the sky
Whilst in you, your enemy Time didst drag
But now he's blurred and you've waved bye

If I died twice over
Or if I lived forever
It's You who'd always be in my heart
It's always been You from the start

The chariot that takes you there
Is made of glass and gold
Some call it Death's wheels
Others call it the vehicle to home

I believe I can fly
And if I believe
It may come true
So I will believe this forever

On wings of stolen time
Flying through the sky
Lasses of laughter
Left far behind

Poetry, poetry, poetry
What mote must I seem
Trying to understand ye
You are so vast

You'll be in my heart
Though we may be far apart
I will keep you close
In my heart and soul

She stands so still and alert
Her head is cocked to hear
Her delicate nostrils flare
About her the snow looks like dirt

A bright cheerful bird flew in
She lighted on a ledge
She opened her beak and poured forth such song
That I couldn't help but stop being on edge

In the distance a kingdom stretches out
Mist makes it look like magic
Distance makes it be it-in my mind
The towers stretch up as though to scrape the sky


She's the prettiest person on earth
And the sun rises cause of her
When she's not with him he won't stop his search
And hr's jealous if he finds her spending time with his brother

Fair-haired lads, clear laughter ringing
Bangs flopping over button-bright eyes
Raven haired lasses, with jewel bright eyes
Roselipt mouths turned upright as they fill the air with singing

Sun flecks falling like molten gold, speckling the sea
The sun is slowly sinking beyond the Brooklyn Bridge
A shimmering golden arrow points toward me
And the tens of others standing at the dappled sea's ridge

When things touch you in just a certain way
A specific note of music
A specific football play
What do you think


I have always admired Words.
First from afar and then,
as I grew older and bolder,
I edged my way into her inner circle

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He's the hero fighting strong
Fighting hard to fix the wrongs
He's the hero with the sword
Who with one hand can chop aboard
He's the hero who in his heart
Decides to leave the bad crowd, not to take part
He's the hero in the scarlet cloak
Who after battling hard needs a long soak
He's the hero who carries the old mans bags
Walking slowly cause the old man lags
Heroes both in different way both are strong, both are brave

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Every human being has the great power to make or break someone's day. But bear in mind: With great power comes great responsibility.

It takes many colors to make a rainbow, not just the ones you love

For picturesque shapes in the sky, you need clouds, not just blue

To see pictures in the sky, you need many things, imagination above all

Better to die for a cause than to live for none

I can judge only by what I know, not by what I dont

Ours is not to question, but to follow on pure faith alone-to trust and to believe

Ours is not to question, but to accept and do what we have been told

A dream is a wish fabricated into reality within the deepest recesses of your mind. And there, there you have it all.

A dream is a wish but a wish is not necessarily a dream

A storied wish come true is merely a dream woven into reality...and that can be done just as well within the brain than out-even better in fact-for there you can brush even the minutest detail to how you wish it.

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Mockingjay Mellark Popularity

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