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The Spirit Lah Lah

The Spirit Lah Lah

Where is it the free spirit I once lost?
The dear treasure I had ignored most
I know not the finale of this keen quest
Is it deep underneath or above Everest?

I fetched all through the earth and at last
Nothing is to be done, alas, it is then lost
It is not in my pocket, it is in vain tossed
In the middle of nowhere, too overcast

Where is that spirit if it is not really lost?
It is not in the banquet of the affluent host
It is not in the prizes of the Oscar contest
And never could it be in nooky whimsy blast

And in ...

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What Am I?

What am I?

Am I the words I say
Or the words I don't say?
Am I my face in the mirror
Or another look behind my eye?

What am I if I am not
The pronouns I portray