Truth Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry


Rating: 3.3

Who knows what truth is?
Do you?
Do I know?
I don't.
Like all of us,
I could only hazard a guess.
Maybe it is a flower.
Maybe it is someone
With a prodigious charisma.
But who is he?
Or what is it?
It is anybody's guess.
My heart tells me
Truth is formless and infinitely creative,
Not only not of this world
But also in and of this world.
Both in and out.
In every existing thing,
At the same time, at all time.
For there is no time
When truth is or is not.
It is eternal.
Since nothing in this universe lasts for ever,
Least of all anything in this world,
My guess is that
Truth is
That which creates and sustains,
and when the time comes
Withdraws this universe
And everything in it.

Deepak Sawhney 23 August 2013

Well expressed. The problem being - that there is no true definition of truth, since just as a coin has two sides Or the glass half empty/full - its all a perception. Perhaps you may wish to read my A Missing Chord on the same subject. You may wish to offer your comments too.

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Vera Sidhwa 21 August 2013

You describe truth in a super multi-dimensionality. Your words of choice are beautiful. ten of ten

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Unwritten Soul 21 August 2013

Truth is the pixel of the blur situation between story and makes us see thing very sharp and nothing will be mistakenly adopted! _Soul

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Anil Kumar Panda 20 August 2013

only truth remains forever and those who the path of truth have achieved greatness.

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Gajanan Mishra 20 August 2013

nothing last for ever, good write, thanks. I like your poems.

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