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মানুষ ও পৃথিবী

মানুষ খেয়েছে ক্লান্তিহীনভাবে-
ধুলো আর লতার পৃথিবীকে|

Look at the ground
Grains are the aftermath of a waiting
Observe the Solar
Seasons are the expectancy of motions

Touch, if you touch-
Cinders will turn into evergreen leaves,
Decayed hands of inclusive Shahara will be shaped into woodland.

I can still perceive the lingo of immense sky;
Yet I've the alliance with the shower of rainy.

Though the sigh evaporates into the breeze;

Desiring to be extinguished -
With the fatigue of thirsty suicide,
With a relative's phobia, step in on the nameless path.

I've placed the corpse in the country's cemetery
With apathetic sight, the phenomenon of father!

Enjoying the fresh breeze on the mast of a vessel,

Forgetting mostly pathways,
The believers of Socialism are as anxious as the huntsman-
Against the Holy Words of Heaven,
Concerning the one and only duty.

I realize - without identifying the source of water and glacis, my son will raise mundane songs of love,
Uprooting the root, he'll blow up the fleeting flag on the deceitful path.

I realize - leaving the soundtrack of modesty,

Leaving the blue of the Azure,
Keeping the blue greasiness of water at the shore,
Considering as ornaments -
Adorns catastrophic with the blue of anguish.

I'm presented here with a lot of curses taking place in my heart today.

I'm the spiritual son of soil.
My ancestors used to wave hands on the horse's body instead of straps.

Diversified lachrymation drains through my tears.

In my weeping- - -
The visionary monument of fissile traveler is, alike falling off leaves in summer,

They'll move on the thornless, attracting - pliable path;
Our feet walk on the atrocity of crushed crystals.
Avoiding people's groan-
The flickers of their socket's sights is firmed to self destination.

Hyacinth girl, you're the surrogate name of beauty,
Pronounced hymns in favor of you in the lustrous horizon,
Wild Shamoli is the golden pleasant of the modern stage!
Each and every subdivision is melodious with the clop of anklet today!

Abruptly, when I'm drowned in distress,
I hold on my eyes at the high;
Whereas all pleasures step in crossing entire kiddle,
I throw the ray of sight at aloof sky.

In the absence of love, human lives move on with ferocity,
Thirst of amour can turn into tearful orison.

Who could provide such a peaceful assignation as I did?

Having a soothing kiss, she says- who can confer such infinite happiness- He's the undying human.

Experiencing abundant bloom of flowers with my miracle touch, she narrates- I'm the perpetual fragrance.

Although they escape silently,
All soldiers move to the battle field-
Singing Chorus


Two species of poets-
Some become splitting words; some spoiling their lives.

With the axe of words-

With my touch, the flowers were fallen on that day,
The branches were looking on like the eremite.
This is the place where was fertile soil, green- grassy crops were born,
Whose fragrance came out in gentleness from the speck of the land.

Conquering war, there's a crown,
After matrimony, there remains the glamour of Spring-love,
After the last frontier of the setting sun, there's expecting the crack of dawn,
There exists a sign of endearment having assignation.

Mohammad Mohi Uddin Biography

An Author and Academic Researcher Having a BA, MA in English, and PGD in Education, he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the Department of Educational Leadership, Policy, and Technology Studies, majoring in Instructional Technology, and performing duty as a Graduate Research Assistant within the Dean's Office of the College of Education, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, USA. His research interests include instructional approaches in American and British literature, Generative AI (artificial intelligence) applications in instructional design, teacher professional development, virtual internship programs for instructional technology graduate students, and cognitivist and constructivist teaching approaches. ................................................................................................................................. As a published author, his writing aims to connect with readers on a deeper level and offer insight into the human experience. Through his work, he hopes to inspire spiritual growth and offer solutions to the struggles of the human soul. His area of special interest covers poetry, creative writing, and translation. His works appeared locally and globally in numerous publications, too. Furthermore, some poems have been translated into Spanish, Greek, and Filipino. A Mexican Radio Station airs some poems. He takes part in literary interviews locally and globally. In addition, he has some collaborative projects with foreign authors.)

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Human And The Earth

মানুষ ও পৃথিবী

মানুষ খেয়েছে ক্লান্তিহীনভাবে-
ধুলো আর লতার পৃথিবীকে|

ইচ্ছা অনিচ্ছার যৌথ অভিযানে
খেয়েছে কবিতা, সবিতা, অপরাহ্ণের মায়াবতী রোদ্দুর
খেয়েছে সমুদ্রের রত্ন, মনের গহীনে থাকা যত্ন
কী ষড়ঋতু, কী চক্রাকার গতি- সাবাড় করেছে
এমনকি ব্যতীত বেদনা আর অগনন মৃত্যু!

উজার করেছে চারপাশ; তবু কী আশ্চর্য
গৃহে ফিরে খেয়েছে মুমূর্ষ স্বজনের নিগূঢ় নীরবতা!

পূর্বপুরুষের ঘাট খেলো, বিস্তীর্ণ মাঠও খেলো
বাদ যায়নি স্ব-সন্তানের নিস্পৃহ বায়নাটাও
পাঁজর ভেঙে প্রিয়জনের স্পর্শহীন হৃদয়টাও খেলো
অবলীলায় ভূগোল, বিজ্ঞান খেলো সাথে ইতিহাসও
শেষমেষ একবিংশ শতাব্দী ভাইরাসটাও খেলো!

সময় গিলেছে টুপ করে খেকো মানুষকে|

একে একে প্রত্যেকে অবশেষে আজ নিরিবিলি গুরুস্তান
পৃথিবী আজও দাঁড়িয়ে আছে স্বগৌরবে, সচকিত প্রাণ!

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Patience has an invisible wing of blissful lingo.

Anguish is a miraculous catalyst for one's repairing Solely suffering is the authorised path for soaring.

Dream can attain unattainable margin!

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