Mohammad Mohi Uddin Poems

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Human And The Earth

মানুষ ও পৃথিবী

মানুষ খেয়েছে ক্লান্তিহীনভাবে-
ধুলো আর লতার পৃথিবীকে|


Look at the ground
Grains are the aftermath of a waiting
Observe the Solar
Seasons are the expectancy of motions

If You Touch

Touch, if you touch-
Cinders will turn into evergreen leaves,
Decayed hands of inclusive Shahara will be shaped into woodland.

The Classical Separation

I can still perceive the lingo of immense sky;
Yet I've the alliance with the shower of rainy.

Though the sigh evaporates into the breeze;

Desiring To Be Extinguish

Desiring to be extinguished -
With the fatigue of thirsty suicide,
With a relative's phobia, step in on the nameless path.

I'll Come Home Too

I've placed the corpse in the country's cemetery
With apathetic sight, the phenomenon of father!

Enjoying the fresh breeze on the mast of a vessel,

A Report

Forgetting mostly pathways,
The believers of Socialism are as anxious as the huntsman-
Against the Holy Words of Heaven,
Concerning the one and only duty.

A Prayer For My Son

I realize - without identifying the source of water and glacis, my son will raise mundane songs of love,
Uprooting the root, he'll blow up the fleeting flag on the deceitful path.

I realize - leaving the soundtrack of modesty,

Some Men

Leaving the blue of the Azure,
Keeping the blue greasiness of water at the shore,
Considering as ornaments -
Adorns catastrophic with the blue of anguish.

My Damnation

I'm presented here with a lot of curses taking place in my heart today.

I'm the spiritual son of soil.
My ancestors used to wave hands on the horse's body instead of straps.

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