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Seema Sharma Rimi 07 December 2017

You have a lovely start dear Monalisa. Carry on poetess. You have a long future ahead.

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Recognizing Me

Down on this earth
I'm a but a ghost,
A ghost of my former self
A ghost of my inner being
exploding into the outer world.

Like a ghost of my past
little do I know
how to return to the person
That I used to be.

Nor do Irecognize
the new me at all,
It's scary
frightful for me
to change so much.

In such a short time
Every one around me-

think that I'm sad
My friends don't know
how to handle me.

But how to know
I don't know
What am I?
and who am I?

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Monalisa Jena Popularity

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