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The day I first met you

In the morning hours

I have enough of it already,
And don't try
To fill any more of it,
If you people really love me

I'm just a cloud
Wandering in the sky
In quest of a place
Where I can stay.

My heart has turned
An empty vessel
That can now sound
Much of my past.

The cloud of hatred
Grabs my soul,
The paths are blocked,
Vision is blurred.

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A Horizon

The day I first met you

In the morning hours

On a pleasant autumn day

I had none in my sky

None too low, nor so high

In my fresh and innocent eye

while the Sun was rising

In the horizon.

The day I met you next

Just after the dawn

On an auspicious chilly morning

In a temple of Goddess and

You had become my Sun

The centre of my revolutions

From Earth to sky,

Still there was a Sun high

Up in the horizon.

Then I met you again

Just before closing my eyes

On your lap, in the gold rays

In an afternoon of my life

Your lips joined mine

Silently flew the time,

I breathed my last and

Then as I looked around

There was the Sun

In the horizon.

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Ranjan Kumar Ghosh 16 September 2017

nice poem it is a Wonder full poem

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Seema Sharma Rimi 08 September 2016

Hereafter as I have resolved, would dare writing a poem or two. After reading and coming across the poetic views of a lot of poets in Poem Hunter, I felt an urge to write. I don't know if it would be regarded as a poem or not, still I believe, one day I would be able to compose a poem that would satisfy at least a successful poet of our site.

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Chan Mongol 18 May 2016

I earnestly thank you for reading my rhymes........

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