Monarchist Oleg

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Born Miraslov Oleg Macintosh.
Christened Sunday Jesse.
Let's see what comes next

Monarchist Oleg Poems

Dark Tear

Solemnity Of Emotion

Once more into the high
For the needed liberation, a just struggle
Unchanged emotion for a revolution
Due affection for a sore heart

Wish I Had A Mother

I wish I had a mother, to pat my head and smile at me
I wish I had a mother, to worry over and run to
I wish I had a mother, to assuage me and still my fear
I wish I had a mother, to calm my racing heart and to say it will be fine

Cold Offering

Foxes run to their holes.
Birds fly to their nests.
Babies crawl to their mothers
With every sunset.

Dreams, Joy And Nights

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