Monarchist Oleg

Freshman - 848 Points [Fedor Miraslov] (Maseno, Kenya)

Monarchist Oleg Poems

1. The Wall 7/25/2015
2. Klaus And The Noose 7/25/2015
3. Mr. Burbong. 7/26/2015
4. Trudge Of Gain 7/26/2015
5. Son, Mother And Herbalist 7/26/2015
6. Fallen Man's Son 7/27/2015
7. Daughter Of The Sorcerer 7/27/2015
8. Dreams, Joy And Nights 8/4/2015
9. Lady Sorceress 8/10/2015
10. Crow At Rest 8/12/2015
11. This Day Shall Be Bliss 7/29/2015
12. Hasten My Love 7/29/2015
13. Pew Sin 1/10/2016
14. Wish I Had A Mother 9/13/2015
15. Cold Offering 8/3/2015
16. Solemnity Of Emotion 7/29/2015
17. Dark Tear 8/26/2015

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Dark Tear

Last night you wished me sweet dreams, dreams of joy and merry Last night you smiled widely, a smile of care and warmth Last night there was light The light rose to brighten the night In its ascension I saw your face Glowing in hope as rays went by Now dark flows again. The dream was mortifyng, it came after me. Barring teeth, drooling saliva The smile was stolen, in it's place a scream Joy and merry flee in its wake Smiles wane in his path.... The light flickers and flickers more, then it too gives in In my abounding terror, A rare comfort avails As the dark tear rolls, it singes the fear..

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Klaus And The Noose

Hearts racing forth and back Pulse jumping up and down Her breast rocking smoothly The silent hum upon her ears A jam for her soul to sooth. Steadily setting her feet Part from part Leaping away to the dark From his light of heart churning affection for her. Her tunneling his core with torment, Ever after thus came in silhouettes Shadows and image

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