Dark Tear Poem by Monarchist Oleg

Dark Tear

Rating: 4.0

Last night you wished me sweet dreams, dreams of joy and merry
Last night you smiled widely, a smile of care and warmth
Last night there was light
The light rose to brighten the night
In its ascension I saw your face
Glowing in hope as rays went by
Now dark flows again.
The dream was mortifyng, it came after me.
Barring teeth, drooling saliva
The smile was stolen, in it's place
a scream
Joy and merry flee in its wake
Smiles wane in his path....
The light flickers and flickers more, then it too gives in
In my abounding terror,
A rare comfort avails
As the dark tear rolls, it singes the fear..

Edward Kofi Louis 05 January 2016

Dreams are in many Forms! But, life goes on. Nice work.

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Margarita Cortès-borrero 20 October 2015

Intense and great poem. Great job!

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Roseann Shawiak 12 September 2015

A very frightening nightmare, all that hope and light, joy and merriness and then being plunged into the nothingness, a dark tear singeing the hear! Really great poem, Monarchist! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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Kelly Kurt 27 August 2015

Wonderfully written, Monachist. Thanks for sharing. Peace

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Athanasius Okowa 27 August 2015

thank you Kelly. peace out to you

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