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It's a dark night
For our love dear
And I'm feeling, so alone here

Words dribble out of me so fast sometimes
They dribble down my face and unto paper
I feel them working out of my body
Coming out in rhyme

I would love to feel as free
Like the winds blowing through me
Like the waves crashing to the shore
Like the seagulls as they soar

I see you as I once was
Wild, but not free
Your mind won't let you be
You've been hurt too many times, shoved around

Like a stone sinking to the bottom
Of lifes' blackening sea
I see you, I see me
Plunging far from rays of sun

A step beyond my door and I came into another world
Barren and dry
Viewed to those who had given it as a cruel joke
Useless, cracked

I miss her
Soft dusty browns
Big open skies
Hanging the stars so low

Sweet honesty and imperfections
I loved it all
No masks or grand illusions
No games no confusion

Being stalked by a shadow
And I'm filling up with fear
Looking over my shoulder... I don't see you
But I know you're there

How long have I been running far far away from you
As many miles as I've gone
Still the darkness comes on
There will be a crimson moon tonight


Sister, I knew her well
One of those girls always running and hiding
Scared and alone
Surrounded by people yet so far away

Remember when you asked if I were ready to run
Remember the scorching smell of the gun
Faces burned in memory for nightmares to come
Keep on drinking till the memories don't come

Starligt starbright O I've wished on you many nights
Starlight starbright you always make it right
I can't remember life before you, my star
Tomorrow I won't remember the desperation

From the first dawns of spring to the closing eves of fall
I could stay
I could sit and listen forever to your songs
Always you've been here


Cold and dreary, dark and alone
Wind wailing thru the icy night
Dragging on and on
So reluctant to leave

She looks into his eyes and says I love you
Does the things every good girl should do
But her mind, it's somewhere north of here
And I believe her heart is too

Are you lost
Left in that small desert town
Are you lost
The world chewed you up and spit you out


I sit in silence, watching the remains of night fade away
And I think of you
I whisper your name to the morning
No one to hear but the wind, trees, and me

Second to one
I am
Almost as a middle man
Second to one

moon dust Biography

I am me. I seek to live free. I miss the Sky and all her beauty. I miss a lot of things. I walk gently. I try to give love, be love and seek love. I don't eat animals, I love them. I seek and soak the sun. I try to be kind, yet fail from time to time, for I am a spirit being in a human world, aren't we all?)

The Best Poem Of moon dust


It's a dark night
For our love dear
And I'm feeling, so alone here

And when I ask you, can you stay
Turn your head and you look away
I am alone
I am alone

You whisper that you have to go
You got to run
And when I ask you, can I come
Turn your head and start to run
I am alone

I am alone, I am alone

It's a dark night for our love dear
And I'm feeling, so alone here

And I whisper your name to no one
And I cry softly to no one
I am alone, I am alone

And I whisper your name to no one
And I sing to no one
You had to go, you had to run
It's a dark night, and I cry here
In the darkness, all alone here
I am alone.

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