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im sweet, im bitter i didnt do it
it wasnt me i could have walked
away but i stayed and got blamed
you all looked and pointed I looked


sometimes i cut just to see
if im alive sometimes i cut
just to feel i also cut for the
feeling of death to feel on

what they say about me
is true im the emo kid
hidding behind her hair
smileing to make sure

Thy feelings may not
flow as a river so
crystal clear that
calm me in the

Spun around confused
as hell the world
totally unreal screaming
dazed and confussed looking

They're gonna lock
me up not let me
out help me get
fixed stop messing

the order of death doesnt come when its saposed to
you bring it if you want it thats the order of life
you want me to stay alive for nothing i need but
a hhardship called life a torcher i cant stand

i sit in a corner wondering
why i should care
playing with a knife
dancing with death thinking


she stole my heart, they
say love is agame but
its hard to play shes
showed me a way to

suicide love lust death
complications im not barbie
you cant play with me like a toy
you have to hold me close

The cold breeze the smell in the air the cold is comming we
know its time for are favorite holiday
we get ready

I’ll hold on to what I believe in ill try and control myself from what I want to do. I’ll keep the scars away
But when the pain begins I cant control what happens so don’t count on me. I hide in the dark counting the
Minutes until I’m sane again. Shaking from what I’ve seen, what I’ve felt what’s becoming of me what’s
My life gonna become of my life after the nightmare I witnessed the nightmare I caused. But if I look away


Cigarett bruend heart
smoke blown oiy mu ose
just another draw from the cancer stick
feels soo good

YOUR THE ONLY FOR ME YOUR THE ONLY PERSON that makes me smile for no reason when i think of you i blush everytime i talk about you things seem better you make life easy when i wake up i look forward to hearing your voice

Morgan Ederer Biography

Im Morgan and Im a HEAVY ROCKER! ! . Moshing is my passion, youll more then likely find me at a show. I can stick up for myself and know how to fight back in any givin situation. Thouse of you that are trying to label me, it will never work. I can fit into many diffrent labels which makes me a 'poser.' I lost a friend because im a 'Poser'. According to her but whatever. If I had a label id advertise myself like most of you do. Yes I do try to fit in with the world in my own rebel way. You may consider me and ass you may consider me sweet whatever floats your boat! Im a Lesbian so guys dont even try. Its not worth your time your not going to change me! Pussy is bettter and dicks look funny. Yes I do cuss a lot, deal with it. I dont consider myself straight edge! I do smoke occasionaly but I dont do it to be cool like other people. I have strong opinions and I state them well. I am extreamly shallow! If your ugly DONT TALK TO ME! ! ! I wount even wanna look at you, youll gross me out! As for you 'scene kids, ' I love your hair and I love what assholes you are, and your styles. But I would never become like that. If you dont like me Tuff luck i aint goin anywhere! Sometimes I do speak and type with imporper gramer I cant help it. But thats life. So you know the basics of me, congrats, now if you want to talk more message me.And remeber whats in the striked out writting! ! !)

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im sweet, im bitter i didnt do it
it wasnt me i could have walked
away but i stayed and got blamed
you all looked and pointed I looked
away like i have nothing to say so
you susspect the worst, outta the
quiet one the one with the devilish
look in her eyes but when i raise
my hand and say 'it wasnt me'
you all agree

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Mary Nagy 07 November 2005

I'm glad you write Morgan. Sincerely, Mary

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