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You're standing in the doorway.
Your workday is all done.
He waits to see you everyday,
this boy that is your son.

Once upon a time
when we were young
you caught my eye
like a ball to a glove.

Once more we talk about it.
How sad it's all become.
No matter how we look at it
this family is not one.

The darkness of the pit
is swallowing you in.
I see you looking at me
with that evil, twisted grin.

What is a family picture?
Is it all for real?
Are the people that you see
pretending they don't feel?

To look
at your life
and not feel
you need.

When you are nine years old
and sifting the seeds out
of your parents pot for them,
you can't really preach

You say that you can picture me sitting in my chair.
What is it that you picture when you look from over there?
Do you envision beauty or an ugly, wrinkled hag?
Does my skin give off a glow or do my wrinkles sag?

She knew
all I was hoping for
was a little time with you all.
She knew

How can a mother not hurt
when her child cries out in pain?
How can she turn and look away
when there's so much to be gained?

Sometimes it takes a tragedy
to help us see things clear,
and then we get a glimpse of life
without our loved ones here.

Mother Earth and Father Time are walking hand in hand.
They're visiting their children and checking on their land.

They view the worlds destruction everywhere they turn.

How are you inspired?
Are you inspired by the sun?
Does it warm your skin from deep within?
Is it your number one?

There are so many times
when I see somebody that is old
I mean............very old
and the first thing I think of is............

I never did the
''He loves me not....
He loves me'' game
with flowers.

I printed all my poems out and put them in a book.
I've placed it on the table in the hopes you'll take a look.

You know you'll find my soul there beneath the cover page.

I see pain in their eyes.
I hear sorrow in their cries.
Inside I break and cry alone,
with my eyes of fire and heart of stone.

Each year you get school pictures for everyone to see.
I always plead my case for you to just dress properly.

I make you wear your hair down or maybe with some curls

I search the world for answers
to the questions in my mind.
Although, it seems those answers
are the ones I'll never find.

My life was changed so harshly.
It feels like yesterday,
when God said you have had enough
and that you couldn't stay.

Mary Nagy Biography

I write what I feel..... I hope you feel what I write. :) Thanks so much for reading them.)

The Best Poem Of Mary Nagy

Father And Son

You're standing in the doorway.
Your workday is all done.
He waits to see you everyday,
this boy that is your son.

He hopes you will go fishing.
He hopes you'll shoot the gun.
He just wants to be with you,
this boy that is your son.

He is your spitting image.
To him you are ''The One''.
He hopes to be just like you,
this boy that is your son.

You show him what a man is.
You teach as you have fun.
You are admired as well as loved
by this boy that is your son.

You've got a friend forever.
Until the world is done.
Then, still you will be holding
this man that is your son.

Mary Nagy Comments

Janice M Pickett 20 March 2005

Mary you are indeed a great poet. I love your work and have included you as a friend. I hope that is alright with you. Hugs Janice M Pickett

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Michael Findlay 29 April 2005

Thank you for your message. Your a very good poet yoursef and hope i will be able to learn from you one day.

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Ronberge . 17 May 2005

Bonjour Mary, Just a quick word to say: I like your poetry! Bonne route! Ronberge.

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David Gerardino 30 June 2005

mary, iv written about 5 new poems, and im wondering what you think of them.........

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Theodora Onken 10 August 2005

I just love your work. Please continue to write!

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Christopher Smith 20 June 2020

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Mary Nagy 27 November 2018

Hello! I’m from Michigan. My nationality is 50% Polish and 50% a mix of English/Irish/French! I hope you’ve found a poem or two that you’ve enjoyed! Thank you for reading my poetry!

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Skylar Watsons 29 October 2018

does anyone know where is she from

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Jhudi 20 October 2018

Does anyone know what her nationality is? Thank you!

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Lori Boulard 23 January 2006

In lieu of commenting on every single one of your poems, I will just say it here: Mary, you are the unofficial documentor of everyday life's beauties here on PH, and I must say I've seen your work progress from sweet to downright excellent. Your comments on poems and the Forum add so much to the group; we are lucky to have you here! Sincerely, Lori

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