Lawrence S. Pertillar Motivation Poems

Compelling Motivation

Everyday is an audition,
For those with gifts and committed.
With strict discipline inflicted,
The ones devoted can not sit.


For 'what' do I need you?

You are the one who used me to create,
Your vicious lies and alibis...

Whatever Initiates Your Motivation

What is wrong with you?
You have just been slandered.
Your good deeds done diminished.
Your character is daily assassinated.

The Source Of Your Motivation

If you are not taking who you are seriously...
Are your expectations,
So high!

Motivation You Wished Kept Energized

A challenge given to anyone,
Seen and observed to be ambitious.
And with a motivation you wished kept energized!
Tell them...

With A Motivation Determined

One must never forget,
The generosity expressed...
By those who are naysayers.

Time Sacrificed With Motivation Kept

Choosing what one wishes to do,
Is at first ridiculed.
Especially if what is seen to be done,
Appears to be impossible.

What Is Proven By This Motivation To Conquer

Further they slide into angst and division,
Believing themselves victorious...
Since a determination to split into pieces,
Is evident.

Use My Frustration As A Means For Your Motivation

We seem to always seek that need,
To find a comfort feeding to please.
Wishing we were given space...
When it is wanted,