Mousheera Shafik

Rookie (26/7/1987 / heliopolis)

Mousheera Shafik Poems

1. Far. But, Fair 10/5/2005
2. Face 10/5/2005
3. Silence Brusque 10/5/2005
4. The Never Understanding 1/16/2006
5. Love Hiding In A Dell 1/16/2006
6. Twilight In Your Eyes 1/24/2006
7. Lover Or Father 1/24/2006
8. Utopia 1/24/2006
9. Esperanza 1/12/2007
10. If Only… 2/16/2007
11. Endurance… 5/12/2007
12. Dirge I 5/13/2007
13. And I Promise You Paradise... 5/13/2007
14. As Much As... 5/27/2007
15. Words… 6/13/2007
16. Ennui 6/21/2007
17. And The Master Said Vii 7/29/2007
18. Eve Viii 7/29/2007
19. Unbelievable 7/29/2007
20. Restart 7/29/2007
21. Loud Tonight… 8/30/2007
22. These Words I'Ll Never Say 10/5/2005
23. And The Master Said…ii 6/20/2007
24. And The Master Said...Iii 6/20/2007
25. And The Master Said... Iv... (The One With His Grandson) 6/20/2007
26. Cupid Laid In My Arms And Cried... 6/26/2007
27. Papa Told Me So 8/9/2007
28. And The Master Said Ix (Facts Mania) 8/9/2007
29. And The Master Said Viii 8/9/2007
30. My Love 6/21/2007
31. Eve Vii 7/29/2007
32. Can Any One Please Answer Me? 6/17/2007
33. I Was Gone Already 2/10/2007
34. Why Can'T I 1/24/2006
35. An Hour 5/13/2007
Best Poem of Mousheera Shafik

An Hour

It was about an hour,
When I realized
How pale got my flower..
And my life is compromised
Can't climb his pride tower
Can't stay down so paralyzed

It was about an hour,
Moved to be a one big day
A day as you went away
And I keep on remembering,
We used to sing and we used to play,

It was a very day…
When red went gray,
It was a passing day,
That took my smile away,
And day by day,
Time passes…

And that's the very week,
When pain controlled,
When my heart got so weak,
Seemed sick and cold…

Weeks go and ...

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Silence Brusque

How can silence bring out noise?
How can you do things out of choice?
Why can't you even hear the voice?
Waiting for a chance to roll the dice
To leave the virtue and seek for vice
And live your life with a wall of ice
You don’t choose your destiny, so just think twice
See the truth with the truth eyes
Fight for good and kill your lies

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