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When twilight casts its gentle, silver glow,
And shadows dance upon the moonlit floor,
The night unveils a mystic, tranquil show,
Where dreams take flight and hearts desire more.


When I talk to you
The waves rise in the sea
Occasionally touches
the beach

As dusk descends, the twilight paints its hue,
A canvas swathed in whispers of the night.
The heavens, like a curtain draped askew,
Reveal the stars, ablaze with golden light.

On this special day, with love profound,
I celebrate the man, so dear and renowned.
A day that marks your birth, my cherished love,
A gift to this world, from the heavens above.

Upon a snowy hill, at dawn's first light,
The morning breeze emerges, pure and bright.
Whispering through pines, a gentle hush,
Caressing the landscape with a wintry brush.

In nature's tender grasp, a wondrous sight,
A flower's quiet journey, hidden from light.
Beneath the earthly veil, a secret it keeps,
A treasure wrapped in petals, as it slowly sleeps.

One thought tells to fly
Tells sky has no limit

Another tells to know

Only once in the past
I thought I would see the mountains
Surrounded by lush green, high arrogant.
I thought I would know the secret of difficulty

When I stay indoor
my thoughts want to fly
I imagine the walls
as an empty canvas


Be it a mask that can cover up disgusting instincts
Even if you can't wash it off, keep them behind a screen.
Let its hardness be so beautiful
that everyone loves it.

জানিস তো
কেউ আজকাল হাসতে চায় না।
কাল যে মেয়েটি কথায় কথায়
খিলখিল করে হেসে উঠতো-

In every woman I see clouds -
Waterlogged clouds.
The cloud that is created by dissatisfaction,  
melts in the intense heat of a sharp sentence and shed tears.

There was a condition in relation
There was no Impulsiveness of obeying the condition.
There was no condition of violation
So there was an Impulsiveness of violation.

It is very solid
rigid tip yet
Love to get covered with the ferns of monsoon;
Love the murmuring sound of waterfall

Does anyone live in the heart of the water
Who calls implicitly, incessantly
That call has an infallible invitation
Invitation to go, at the bend of the water.

When you ask
'How are you? '
Then I have to say - 'I'm fine'
Because that's word you want to hear.

I have both nectar and poison inside me
From morning to evening they live side by side,
They both talk to each other.
When they are in harmony

Think of the moonlight and
enjoy the afternoon sun.
A question mark of marvel
appeared on the surprised afternoon.


No no, it doesn't come
Truth does not come in words
The poet hides the pain and serves with a garland of happy words.
the inner agony remains silent in the sleeves

When the flowers blooming,
the world becomes anew,
with colors so vibrant
and scents so true.

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Whispers Of The Moonlight's Embrace

When twilight casts its gentle, silver glow,
And shadows dance upon the moonlit floor,
The night unveils a mystic, tranquil show,
Where dreams take flight and hearts desire more.

In hallowed stillness, whispers softly rise,
As moonbeams paint the canvas of the night,
Love's secret language spoken through the skies,
Igniting souls with passion's tender light.

The moon, a radiant muse in heavens high,
A beacon of hope in the darkest hour,
She lends her glow to lovers' whispered sighs,
And fills the world with beauty and with power.

Oh, moonlight's embrace, enchanting and sweet,
In your soft glow, love's magic is complete.

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Laugh & smile before your teeths fall out....

The soft fire of solitude does not burn Rather in its tender fire, there is a mesmerizing fascination, a silent music.

Don't think There is only love and kiss on the lips; Poison also there, in words

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