Whispers Of The Moonlight's Embrace Poem by Mousumi Bhowmik

Whispers Of The Moonlight's Embrace

Rating: 5.0

When twilight casts its gentle, silver glow,
And shadows dance upon the moonlit floor,
The night unveils a mystic, tranquil show,
Where dreams take flight and hearts desire more.

In hallowed stillness, whispers softly rise,
As moonbeams paint the canvas of the night,
Love's secret language spoken through the skies,
Igniting souls with passion's tender light.

The moon, a radiant muse in heavens high,
A beacon of hope in the darkest hour,
She lends her glow to lovers' whispered sighs,
And fills the world with beauty and with power.

Oh, moonlight's embrace, enchanting and sweet,
In your soft glow, love's magic is complete.

Dr Dillip K Swain 30 May 2023

A magnificent poem! Appreciated the flow and rhythm! Seems that the poetess has put enough time and effort to compose such a beautiful poem! Appreciated the hyperbole: Where dreams take flight and hearts desire more! This excellent poem is POD today! Many congratulations! !

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Brooke Renwick 30 May 2023

Your poem is really, really good.

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Rajan T Renganathan 30 May 2023

Congratulations for this wonderful poem chosen as POTD. As David said It is nicely written.

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Harley White 30 May 2023

Beautiful sonnet!

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David Wood 30 May 2023

A superb sonnet, one of the best I've read, it's beautifully penned and well deserves Poem of the Day. Congratulations on a great sonnet.

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Congratulations on POD. Beautifully penned. Well-deserved recognition. Well done. All the best.

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