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I would believe my own eyes
Lamenting alone away of all
Why precious with all kindred tries
Ensue that let me sour fall

My thoughts, breathes, and mind are truly taken
Alas should I weep or as the joviality loudly shout
Sweetness of your voice made me bent and broken
Your beauty is gift all materialize with no doubt

All mothers around the beautiful merry globe
Your sympathies for us exceed and break the range
You ponder of us by bringing any kind of hope
What can we do, what is your wage

In black and white I desperately write
Weeping but worse still to come faster
Penniless is shame at once leave the sight
You were flatting out as you were their master

My thoughts, desires, and my self always fight
Your beauty and chaste is what I see through your face
Wise men sometimes are mad when they doubt
Bearing my pride and all what now I chase

Adieu, my precious house and courageous Mayadeen
Day-by-day you scored a marvelous amazing victory
I played and rambled in you routes since teen
It is all down written with bold and outline in history

Listening to the birds when they twittering sadly
Live my life or evoking the lovely hymn that day
She swore but as water and fire goes oft madly
Seconds passes slowly May I ask where is the way

Down came the rain
To wash people’s vain
With too much distress it is pain
People sheltered of the rain

Oh, What a world full of lies
Whether you are dark or white
Even people who wear nice ties
None can fortell or say it right

People come and go
And under that tree we used to sit
Like the stars go with the flow
With all that time it was bit


I am sorry, I am sorry
But nothing will tarry
I am sorry to say in hurry
Well, well, I wanted to be merry

Day after day while the sun shines
I succumb to life and its lies
As I stand to see the lovely sun
But my father madly says “son run”

The glass reflects your beauty through the sky
Without you, the land is dry
Let the people see your smile and die
Otherwise, they should cry

With moon I sit alone near sandy beach
Reckless sea as I inhale it’s breeze
I wander how will you teach
Silence is my mate like you I can’t even tease

When I am alone I barely smile chuckle or even talk
Rambling and lamenting besides my heavy walk
My elf staring and swearing with his irked folk
The sun rises, so we ponder it is full of boom

My tutor don’t bother yourself by cry
And, please don’t not ask me why
We all know, It is vital not to die
You will definitely find it fly


Dear let me look at your eyes
They are like a brightening stars
Looking at them make me fly high
We should live in a golden bar


By what I begin or what I close my write
Calm mind, but the heart beats as it is all harm
Like sparrows you fly catching thee not right
As we behold the waves wavering it is so charm


Poor human consider they are great
Slain poor children after that always smile
What religion or who runs their state
Thy can see their laugh from mile


When you stay by one
Because your dear’s gone
Always speak after ten
Because we are men

Muhammad Shakour Algnash Biography

Student of English Department. Was nominated for cultural attachment for many countries Greece etc..... Interested in Cultures. Want to get MA and PHD in future.)

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Snake Is Snake

I would believe my own eyes
Lamenting alone away of all
Why precious with all kindred tries
Ensue that let me sour fall
Seeking for forgiveness but today
How come if you did not start
Please, please, abandon me and stay away
Seducing is your poisonous art
Falling down alone is so fast
Counting my seconds as I am fool
But always fast becomes past
Soon all pain remain with own soul
You will laugh and smile as I drill
Sooner or later both will grill

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Wow Mow 06 February 2012

Nice Rhyme and Rhythm! I liked fun with pun! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 11

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Wow Mow 06 February 2012

What said can not be unsaid! ! ! !

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Carlota Pereira 04 February 2012

Brilliant poems! By reading your poems we can perfectly feel your heart through what you write and that is just unique

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Muhammmad Algnash 07 January 2012

Nice poems. I think they express what does he feel.

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