Nada Poem by Muhammad Shakour Algnash


I am sorry, I am sorry
But nothing will tarry
I am sorry to say in hurry
Well, well, I wanted to be merry
With my bag that I carry
It is empty as I was on hurry
I am sorry as I feign for my sin
Oh sweet and lovely kiss
I remember all the hiss
I swear I won’t miss
And I truly say and confess
I am living in a mess
All demolished even God’s bless
Look at this thunder
Answer me it was blunder
I won’t succumb and surrender
I wish to encounter you
Much has passed what still is few
Oh God, I beseech you I need clue
What I see I assume it is fog
It is flesh oh it is a sleeping dog
I am sorry where do you usually go
I wonder if you feel how much we undergo
If you answer me I can let you go
But how I know and from you hear
As you howl I know we people fear
You don’t know why some tear
I tell you my loyal friend
Because you are god’s send
And I never had a true friend
My lass is only-one and so pretty
I would rather say she is quite witty
And you and I such a petty
I am sorry buddy don’t weep
I am sorry as I hurt you so deep
Hence let us rest and have some sleep
We arrived look at the house
Look here there is a tiny mouse
I stood and knocked the door
The key is on the floor
You are early when you left the moor
Then the door opened but there was shock
you took I can say stole my heart’s lock
are you wise or you mock
I heard noise the husband is here
Leave at once I don’t want to hear
(In a shout cry)
Who is here, who is here
I killed a dog but who is here
You murdered him how do you dare
And by heaven is this fair
Lamenting here why do I care
He is now in heaven
And you know that is seven
Forgive me forgive me heaven
No it is too late to debate
How now mate what can you create
Let us behold and she witness your fate
(quarrel )
He is dead look what you did
As she left the bloody room
The sky turns to gloom
She saw her husband in red
And it is now to end the bloodshed
Near the bank the roses were about to bloom
She stood and jumped in the wild river
One day we will encounter our doom
Where is innocent face is lost forever

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