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As she strolls laggardly, like a pregnant woman,
In her tight fit and half naked top dress.
Oh Street girl!

When life lowers, you
down it's us who decide
Whether to remain down or
to rise.-karate kid Movie Jackie Chan

She is your wife, she is my mother!
You call her sweetie, l call her mama,
beautiful of them all, the kindest, perfect of them
all. No one is like her,

A new breathe of life
Comes in he morning,
Joy comes in the morning

I shall live and not die to declare the wonderous works of the Lord,
Never to struggle, alone, to be in company of right pals, to share all from my best to my crap,
Open up all,
Like David, after his tumultuous time, and experience he declared, I shall not die but live to declare the goodness of the Lord, he picked himself up to victory.

When is tomorrow?
Tomorrow is not guaranteed,
Do the most of each single day given unto you,
Live as if today is your last day,

In the Forest of Makwiro
Located in the serene, environment, in between,
River Makwiro and railway line Harare Bulawayo, baboons and monkeys
party around, as part of the citizens, environmentalists jealously guard the gregarious

I miss you mama.
I try forget, try calm, comfort self,
But that have never been enough, to
allude to the fact that, you are no longer

Still Numb
I try call your number, only to be answered its not available,
I come back to my reality, that you are no longer with us.
I try find you among your friends, business partners, you are not there.


The words of the wise, from
The Book of Eli.
Watch, pray to Escape.
Let's live, like the sober,

Be swift to hear, to speak
Eyes were created a duo,
Hands a duo, nose double, legs twin
Mouth one.

Anxiously all day, night long family anticipate, the fruits
of the sweat of the breadwinner, daddy, brother, sister from every day's work.
Waking up early.
The wage seem taking its time to come how much one is to be dished

Dangling, like an earthquake sieged land,
He talks, like a toddler, mumbling, to be heard.
Talking is the order of the ordeal, is there sense,
in the utterances? Only to be forgiven, for foul mouthing

Is it l love you or you l love?
Are we to love, to show the l love you?
The You is to be shown love?
For if l, is to love, so when the love, is gone,

For we do not fight against flesh and blood, but spiritual principalities.
Our welfare is not carnal but spiritual
Man of War
Finally put the whole amour of God, to be worthy,


Thunder bolt smoke of weed, punctuate
the aroma, of the atmosphere,
Intoxicated lads hustle around frantically for the
Dollar, to feed their insatiable hunger for,

The incredible view of shops shut,
The market place stony silent, no gram of plodding,
The hustle and bussle, turned a dormant state,
Is it a sign of the times

What they think about you,
and what is happening to you is beyond their
thoughts and yours, because they are thoughts way
bigger and bigger than ours,

Be of good courage, meditate upon the book of the Law, which should, not depart from your mouth day and night. Remember the tangible and invisible He had done for you. Look at His vindication, and protection of His chosen ones from Egypt at Red sea, parting waters. Thwarting their enemies in the same Red sea, they walked dry and scot free. Fear not.
Look at His supernatural protection of Elisha, under siege of Syrian army, which was turned blind instantaneously , Gehazi being reminded that greater is He that is in us than in the world.
Fear not.
Gideon was visited hiding in fear of the enemy being conscientised that he is a mighty man of valour.

Mutsawashe Museredza Biography

I am Mutsawashe Museredza, born in Chiweshe, Mvurwi Zimbabwe.l did my Ordinary and Advanced level at Mavuradonha High School, Mt Darwin.Proceeded for tertiary education at Harare Polytechnic, l graduated with Diploma in electronic engineering: Control and Instrumentation. I am a Automation Engineer, at Selous Metallurgical Complex(SMC) , Zimplats, Zimbabwe.I am a very inquisitive, zealous youngman with a great sense of humour.Sociable, meticulous in making and finding connections, very analytical indeed.l suspect got a low latent inhibition and high IQ, cause l am amazed by the levels of my creativity.I am a devout Christian, believing in the Almighty God, the King and Creator of the Heavens and Earth, and the soon coming Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God.)

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Oh Street Girl!

As she strolls laggardly, like a pregnant woman,
In her tight fit and half naked top dress.
Oh Street girl!

You won`t be assassinated looking at the seductive walk
and to the Mount kilimanjaros and Nile rivers. As she wiggles herself
around like the winnowing basket around town.
Oh Street girl!

Breasts will be popping half out, one always wonder for that instant
when a strong cough happens if one won`t pops out, of the breasts
Oh Street girl!

In the sheep`s cloth she may come hiding the wolf in her, the moment
she opens her mouth, thats when you may wake up to hope, if grace is
upon you.
Oh Street girl!

A good, professional, rich and famous man are her dream as any other girl,
good man are like diamond not easy to find, as easy she is.She is slow in thought.
Oh Street girl!

A dancer, singer are the dreams of her life, only to know, its where she wants to explore,
to know what it is out there from family scrutiny.
Oh Street girl!

The game of two is just like the talk of the day as the day`s press top story,
she have lost the childhood innocence, if not the originality tokens of Mary
Magadaleene mother of Christ. Audaciously she walks, ready to give herself
willy nilly over
to audacious men with fame and fortune..
Oh Street girl!

When time has lapsed and she is in limitations and high expectations, she may jump into an amateur hand trying his luck with little silver coins on first sight to impress. As time ticks the relationship is disturbed by the decitefulness of the onset as coins dry out. A baby has been given birth now a mother, street girl sought the easiest as she use to be on the streets to, ply the oldest profession.
Oh Street Girl!

Loose morals, Loose mouth, loose walk, loose pants............Tighten up.Oh street girl!

Mutsawashe Museredza(30 November 2017)

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''Oh Lord help us when perusing the pages of our lives at the end of time to do so with joy' Mutsawashe Museredza June 2009

'It's not all about knowing everything, but it's about knowing how to use every resource within your means'(Mutsa 2021)

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