Myra Jefferson

Rookie (April 29,1953 / Detroit, Michigan)

Myra Jefferson Poems

1. The Touch 2/23/2006
2. Predator Prey 2/23/2006
3. Sister Paradox 2/23/2006
4. Recollection 2/23/2006
5. Sonnet To The Song 2/23/2006
6. Legacy In 17 Haiku 2/24/2006
7. Mister Jim 2/24/2006
8. Life 2/24/2006
9. Instructions 2/24/2006
10. Declassified 2/24/2006
11. Mr. Right 3/8/2006
12. Dee Candidate 3/14/2006
13. Southern Comfort 3/14/2006
14. At The Crib 4/14/2006
15. Complete My Emancipation! 5/18/2006
16. Why I'M Not With Stupid Anymore 5/18/2006
17. Home Alone 6/11/2006
18. A Visit With Satisfaction 6/11/2006
19. Baby, Baby Where Are You? 6/26/2006
20. After A But Before C 6/26/2006
21. Inevitable 6/26/2006
22. Love Me Less 4/14/2006
23. Other Daughter 4/17/2006
24. Inside Out 4/17/2006
25. Bad Connection 4/17/2006
26. The Performance 5/18/2006
27. How Do I Take My Love? 9/3/2006
28. Has Been 5/18/2006
29. You Don'T Get Me 4/14/2006
30. No. Thank. You. 3/4/2006
31. Speak 2/24/2006
32. Words 2/24/2006
33. Alan's Blues 5/18/2006
34. Blossom 2/23/2006
35. Miss Red 2/23/2006
36. Art Of Letting Go 6/26/2006

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Best Poem of Myra Jefferson

Art Of Letting Go

When you let go it shouldn't be from exasperation or futility
You let go still maintaining hope for other possibilities
When you let go you know the reason
That it's the season
For harvesting
A bloom canot remain the same indefinitely,
left unattennnded it turns to seed
When you know that you must let go ignore the doubt
Release your hold, don't draw it out

Then when it's time to go
remind your heart, your soul, and your mind
to stay together and look out for one another
Tell them to hold hands and look both ways at each crossing
When its time to ...

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Predator Prey

He hurt me and hurting, I hurt someone else
It's the hunger I suffer in spite of myself
I'm excited but sickened by what I do
To ease my starvation, I've got to hurt you

The pain of the past must be erased
By the taste of the huntm the scent of the chase
I'll charm and disarm you, until you give in
Once you are mine, it's all over then

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