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When you let go it shouldn't be from exasperation or futility
You let go still maintaining hope for other possibilities
When you let go you know the reason
That it's the season

I woke up this morning
With another man's child drooling on my arm

Embedded in the rich, dark soil of history
My roots are still a part of me
Nourishing me, spurning me on Making me face another dawn
Of uncertainty

Red was my Mama
They called me Little Red
Sometimes I think I see her
But it's just my reflection instead


I am totally and completely in awe of them
These two dimensional forms and figures
These variations in sound waves
The power they possess is beyond my comprehension

Hello Miss, would you like to
Before you go on, no thank you
But did you know, and may I show
That's okay, thanks anyway


Your voice is your voice, so speak
Your voice is your voice, small but not weak
Your voice is strong enough to carry a message
Too heavy for a heart to hold

If you don't get me, then you don't get me, you get me?
You should get me from the cover,
from the front or the back.
Okay, maybe at the dedication or the thank yous. If not,

The team moved to a different state
without me
But I made it anyway-late

Take the shackles off my feet
Mary Mary said
But I'm with Pete
Not just my feet

What a
Stupid man
He ran out here with a
Stupid grin on his face

I'm building this house to my own specs
It's mine, all mine last time I checked
I'm the one who lives here, you're only a guest
I determine the time, I determine the day

shame how some folks let those three party poopers
keep her from hanging out
much better friend than they are without a doubt
Insecurity, Greed, and Jealousy leave you smelling foul

Baby, Baby where are you?
Is this the best that we can do?
I promised you that we would play
As soon as I got a vacation day

Bashful Ben and benevolent Barbara began a boring betrothal.
But after Benji's birth Big Ben was boisterously banished.
Big Ben and Benji became best buddies by belting blues ballads, belching bean burritos, bouncing basketballs, and benign buffoonery.
Big Ben began bringing Barbara Brooks' baby boy back by bedtime, beaming but bedraggled.

I objected voraciously
Argued vehemently
Reasoned pointlessly
Campaigned feverishly

I meant what I said I know what I mean
I need to get out I don't mind being seen
Doing what I do
I'm me and just me

So I'm your other daughter
Although I was born first
Now I come in third, fourth, or even worse
place on a shelf completely out of view

Inside out, outside in, the end is where you must begin
The found are lost, the brave don't know
The cowards show the way to go
The rich are poor, the poor have wealth

I'm listening, I'm listening what else can I do?
Responding is harmful, reacting is too
My face betrays me, it doesn't understand
I can't jump in, I have no where to land

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I have been writing poems for as long as I can remember, probably as a response to learning poetry in school. English was my favorite subject! While raising a family, pursuing careers, (I am a teacher and an ordained minister) poetry got pushed into the background. Recently, some hard events in my life, have acted as the winepress, to squeeze my poems out and back into the forefront. I write all types of poetry, and some song lyrics, (which have been recorded by gospel artists) , but I only will post the so-called 'real poems' for poets!)

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Art Of Letting Go

When you let go it shouldn't be from exasperation or futility
You let go still maintaining hope for other possibilities
When you let go you know the reason
That it's the season
For harvesting
A bloom canot remain the same indefinitely,
left unattennnded it turns to seed
When you know that you must let go ignore the doubt
Release your hold, don't draw it out

Then when it's time to go
remind your heart, your soul, and your mind
to stay together and look out for one another
Tell them to hold hands and look both ways at each crossing
When its time to go, pull up your chin and smile at the new dawn
Let its warm breeze erase the wrinkles from your brow
When its time to go, march your eyes forward and never retreat
And if they weep let them only release tears of joy and hope
When its time to go, make sure that your hands are free and clean
And ready to open new doors
When it's time to go, wipe your feet, watch your step, and tie up your loose strings so that you won't trip
Turn out the light
close the door
square your shoulders
walk away
and let go.

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Myra Jefferson Popularity

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