Alan's Blues Poem by Myra Jefferson

Alan's Blues

Rating: 4.8

I woke up this morning
With another man's child drooling on my arm
For her, for her
Stumbling out of bed after a hard night
Of chasing monsters and bringing water
Cutting my foot on legos
For her, for her
Fishing my razor out of a wastebasket
Full of used tampons and baby wipes
Getting in a van with an empty gas tank
Filling it up again
Making me late again
For her, for her
Avoiding that fine receptionist
Who grabbed my crotch last month
I think that's the last time
I'd been touched
Smiling at the boss' daily spiel
Keeping silent keeping still
For her, for her
Driving home wringing wet
In a van with no air
That could've been repaired
But ordered blinds instead
For her, for her
Inching home with traffic slow as a snail
Getting the finger at least every mile
Coming in the door hearing her family sing
How I'm not doing anything
And all she did all day
Was help some hamburger
What more can I say?

Dawn Fuzan 14 May 2014

Myra Wow I like this poem nicely penned

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Charles M Moore 19 May 2006

I enjoyed this view of life from the male perspective, interesting ending, makes the reader wonder what if anything Alan may do or say, I liked the order of the poem and the way it changes rythm.

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Esther Leclerc 18 May 2006

These are some blues, all right! This is a fine view of the harried male's side of the domestic fence... I love: 'All she did all day was help some hamburger'! The frustration is palpable... Well done, Myra. : ]

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Myra Jefferson

Myra Jefferson

Detroit, Michigan
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