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Lately all I hear is

Your voice sounding off in my head
I don't know what it is


Of all the things
Constantly to be misused by
YOur wear your cologne as cheap
As your smile

Clamp my hands over my ears
To hear the ocean in my head
The tides are raging
Driving me crazy

Can you respect me for my decisions
If you can't the doors wide open
Don't forget to grab your heart on the way out
I won't be needing it anymore

Why waste your breath on a simple wish
That's more of a dream
Than reality
Your just like everyone else

Write a letter
Cherries smell so sweet on your breath
Blue colored and you’re waiting
For a reply

You found me at the end of fall
Just in the knick of time to break it
We held hands through the winter
By then I was speechless

A voice is ringing in my ear
Reminding me of why I'm here
Take a look around
Remember what I had & what's here

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Like many I'm a teenage poet.very simple.
I'm a lover of words and music; and people :)
Feel free to talk)

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Things Fall Apart

Lately all I hear is

Your voice sounding off in my head
I don't know what it is
But anything I can trace back to you
Makes me smile
For once I feel like things are going to go through as planned
What am I saying
You can't plan a thing like this
It's planted, and grows into something beautiful
Our something beautiful
But then it dies
Somehow I'm telling myself not to get so wrapped up in you
In your arms
What can I say it's a habit
I was born to care
I was born to get hurt because of it
Oh this thing called love
Never question it
But remember
Things eventually fall apart

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