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A Boy (:

He makes me happy
He makes me feel free
I'm beginning to think
He is the one for me.

Everything & More

Blinded by the sun,
Nothing I can see.
Now all I need,
Is your face before me.

Deep Inside Of Me

She has secrets
She has fears
She hates it when
You see her tears


I gave you everything
That I held dear to me
You made me think my nightmare
was over, finally I was free.

No Where

Promises: Hard to keep.
Change: Not easy to see
Love: Lost it all
Life: No where to fall

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The names Nakita. I was born the 17 of September. I havnt seen my dad sense i cant remmber when. Sometimes i feel like i never will see him again. My Grandfather is my hero he was there when no one else was and i dont think i will ever be able to show him how thankfull i am for him being there when my father wasnt. I currently go to Papillion La-Vi ...

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