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He makes me happy
He makes me feel free
I'm beginning to think
He is the one for me.

Blinded by the sun,
Nothing I can see.
Now all I need,
Is your face before me.

She has secrets
She has fears
She hates it when
You see her tears


I gave you everything
That I held dear to me
You made me think my nightmare
was over, finally I was free.

Promises: Hard to keep.
Change: Not easy to see
Love: Lost it all
Life: No where to fall

Do you want to hurt me?
Are you trying to see me cry?
If that be the case I will show up
With a tear in my eye.

Carve your name into
my soul
Leave your memory
before you go.

When she smiles
No one knows the truth
A tear behind each dimple
Caused by father she never knew

My heart flutters
When I hear Your name.
Since the day I met You
My life hasn't been the same.

I was always running
In circles around myself
Never really standing out
Just another book on the shelf.


you were my hero
you helped me follow my dreams
you told me bed time stories
you made me believe

When i close my eyes,
I feel a slight breeze,
That is how I know,
You are watching over me.

You don't want to believe I see it,
but you know I do.
You think that I dont hear it,
The things he says to you.


These feelings i have for you
I hold down deep inside.
The reason i cant tell you the truth
The reason that i hide.

When i first saw you
I felt something new.
When you wanted to be my friend
I didn't know what to do

Your everlasting laugh
So simple and so sweet.
The sound of care in your voice
Whenever you spoke to me

Nobody hears it
Or sees her silent cries
The little girl they always tease
Will never cry from her eyes

You broke my heart
You made me cry
So now you'll hear
My last goodbye

She trusted him
She believed in him
He swore he'd never
Hurt her again

She believed
He lied
All her pain
Botteled up inside

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The names Nakita. I was born the 17 of September. I havnt seen my dad sense i cant remmber when. Sometimes i feel like i never will see him again. My Grandfather is my hero he was there when no one else was and i dont think i will ever be able to show him how thankfull i am for him being there when my father wasnt. I currently go to Papillion La-Vista South and im a freashman. I am single and im not all that interested in changing that status quite yet. I love my friends they're my everything when family isnt around. I love to write poetry and watch little kid movies like Finding Nemo and The Lion King. You can judge me all you want but you'll never change who i am. Im not perfect and I dont try to be im constantly making mistakes and do i regret them? NEVER because those mistakes made me who i am today. if you still want to know more message me and we'll talk :))

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A Boy (:

He makes me happy
He makes me feel free
I'm beginning to think
He is the one for me.

I'm falling to fast
Can't you see
It feels like gravity
Can't hold down my feet

He's just a boy
What does he know?
He controls the beat
That makes my heart glow.

I don't know why
I feel this way
Like the sun rises
For him each day

He makes me smile
He makes me laugh
He makes me feel
Like I'm on the right path.

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Nakita Ball Popularity

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