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Naomi (fellowtuber123) Hamilton Poems

1. Watercolour Black And Dull 9/5/2009
2. Lost And Forgotten 9/5/2009
3. Arrive At Our Destination 9/5/2009
4. Looking, But Not Truly Seeing 9/5/2009
5. My Love Is Antique 9/5/2009
6. Empty Without You 9/5/2009
7. The Voice Inside 9/5/2009
8. Fire 9/5/2009
9. Storytellers Are Awfuly Good Liars 9/8/2009
10. All You Need Is A Heart Full Of Poetry 10/15/2009
11. The Bridge 10/15/2009
12. Dream World 10/15/2009
13. Designated Area 10/15/2009
14. Go Ahead 10/15/2009
15. If Tomorrow Was Goodbye 10/15/2009
16. Hurt 10/15/2009
17. Look To The Stars 10/15/2009
18. The Soul Of A Rebel In Me 10/19/2009
19. Boring Lifestyle 10/19/2009
20. Blacker The Body, Blacker The Mind 10/19/2009
21. Land Of The Mind 9/5/2009
22. Run 9/5/2009
23. The Entity In You 9/5/2009
24. The Sea 9/5/2009
25. Victim 9/5/2009
26. Small World 9/5/2009
27. We Are The People 9/5/2009
28. 'Good' Morals 9/5/2009
29. Today Is A Good Day 9/5/2009
30. A Fallen World 9/5/2009
31. I Kissed The Face Of Death 10/24/2009
32. Burning Again 9/4/2009

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Burning Again

Fuelled with the motivation of your obscure fiery wrath,
Burning again and again, the enemies in your path.
The surge of supreme power, erupting from your core,
The Goliath that dwells within you, is empowered as you roar.

For every scar they made that remained, formulated this rage,
Society chokes your mind, and lets nothing elude from your cage.
A colossal void never overflowing with the affection that you deserved,
Too much love for everyone else, none of it was reserved.

The altercations of numerous voices thriving inside of your head,
Enduring this ...

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Empty Without You

Broken eyes with colour lost,
Beneath the fire of a burning heart.
Dead decisions haunting the 'norm',
Time for loves final depart.

I waited for you,
I cared for you,
I gave all I had to give.
A passion injected within me,

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