Natasha Wellington

Rookie (1995. / Goulburn)

Natasha Wellington Poems

1. Aaron James Moore. 7/11/2009
2. Andrew Lambros. 7/11/2009
3. No Judgement. 7/11/2009
4. Its Not A Poem; But A Memory Which Is Close To My Heart. 7/11/2009
5. Gone Insane. 7/11/2009
6. Samantha Hardi. 7/11/2009
7. I Can'T Remember. 7/14/2009
8. I Miss. 7/16/2009
9. Today. 7/22/2009
10. Im Not Perfect 7/13/2009
11. These People. 7/13/2009
12. We Could Of. 7/11/2009
13. If I Was Just Enough. 7/11/2009
14. Distance. 7/13/2009
15. For Billy. 7/11/2009
16. My World. 7/11/2009

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Best Poem of Natasha Wellington

My World.

My World Is Spinning Round And Round,
Im Feeling So Confused,
For After All Thats Happened,
My Hearts Still Feeling bruised.

& When i Think about the Past,
& Look What I Have Gained,
I Wonder If Its Worth The Fight,
My Hurt Has Still Ramined.

I Want My Wounds To Heal Again,
I Want To Be Alright,
But By myself, I Just Can't Bear,
To Stand Alone And Fight.

I Wish Someone Could Stand With Me,
& Help Me To Survive,
So, If My Fire Of Hope runs Down,
They'll Keep The Flame Alive.

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If I Was Just Enough.

If i could show You inside My Heart,
I Know for Certain We would Not Be Apart.
If i Had the words to explain how i felt,
and how you take my breath away,
I Would be stronger to stay another day,
If i Was what you wanted and more,
I Would Have my Arms Healing and Be off This Floor.
But Now im Too Scared to Move,
Too scared to want to know its true,

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