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My World Is Spinning Round And Round,
Im Feeling So Confused,
For After All Thats Happened,
My Hearts Still Feeling bruised.

As Many People say, Friendship is Like a Circle;
it Has no End,
That why Your my Bestfriend
i Can't Imagine my Life Without You By My Side

Distance isn’t for the fearful,
Its for the bold
Its for those willing to spend a lot of time alone,
In exchange for a little time

If i could show You inside My Heart,
I Know for Certain We would Not Be Apart.
If i Had the words to explain how i felt,
and how you take my breath away,

i Start To Think;
About My Past, My Preset, My Future
Then i Blink,
i Think about how Many People said They Would Stay in Touch,

Im Not Perfect, I Cant be What You Want Me To Be,
Yes i Use Dishonesty,
I Can't Firgue myself Out,

i Lay on My Bed And Wonder Why,
Whats The Reason For My Cry,
is It a Plead?
To Make me Stop And Think Before i Bleed.

Within my book of memories,
Are special thoughts of you.
And all the many nice things
You often say and do -

Time and Time Again, i Go Over The past,
How it Went Too Fast.
But The Only Reason i Go Over it is Cause,
Your Face Appears then i Pause.

No, He Doesn't always make me happy,
there are times when i really just want to punch him in the face,
get up and walk away because it seems so much easier.
but thats not what true love is about.

The Blade Will Tear My Flesh Apart,
The Blood Will Flow Away,
The Wound is deep - yet i Feel No Pain,
My Heart Fills With Dismay,

I Think im Going Crazy,
The Craziness is Seeping Through My Happiness,
& Each day i just Seem to Care Less.
So Just Show me Something New;

i Can't Remember How or Even Why;
You Said Your Goodbye,
i Can Remember The Look on Your Face,
it Was Like i Wasn't There; Gone Without a Trace,

i Miss The Stars in the Night Sky,
i Miss The Brightness in Your Eye,
i Miss How We Used to Lye,
i Miss How You Used to Try.


Today I found a friend,
Who knew everything I felt.
She knew my every weakness,
And the problems I've been dealt.

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Im Tasshh (= Im Young. & i Dnt Know What i Want to Do With My Life. But at the Time Being; Im not Bothered With my Future, Because i could die tomorrow. So im Living Today. iLove Writing Poetry, & Only Really Write When im Upset or Really Happy. It Makes Me Feel Better. + My Therapist Thinks i should do it More Often (= Byee.)

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My World.

My World Is Spinning Round And Round,
Im Feeling So Confused,
For After All Thats Happened,
My Hearts Still Feeling bruised.

& When i Think about the Past,
& Look What I Have Gained,
I Wonder If Its Worth The Fight,
My Hurt Has Still Ramined.

I Want My Wounds To Heal Again,
I Want To Be Alright,
But By myself, I Just Can't Bear,
To Stand Alone And Fight.

I Wish Someone Could Stand With Me,
& Help Me To Survive,
So, If My Fire Of Hope runs Down,
They'll Keep The Flame Alive.

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Natasha Wellington Popularity

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