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But which came first?
Money or man?
Yes man!
And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something?

An eight foot man floating past my bedroom window
He is wearing a blue and red bow tie
A clock is talking to me in a very human way
and the sky wants to join in the conversation, but

Where does it end with the skinny women getting skinnier
and the fat women getting fatter
what's going on in this world?
You've got different shapes and sizes

The ticking of the clock on the wall
The sound of a car pulling up outside

Looking into my cat eyes
I noticed a purity
Of innocence
That is rare

I see so many girls.
I fantasize about them.

I met her at the bar
A goodlooking girl

People don't realise
that other people
get lonely too.
They don't

I am an insecure poem
so you don't have to read on...

Some people,

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth
But things got too deep

I see the bad state the world's in
there's corruption all around

I see the evils in business

Like a traffic jam
Everything just stops

I’m stuck

The sun shines brightly outside but my curtains remain closed.
Fatigue speaks to me and tells me to rest my head but my mind tells me to get a job.
My heart tells me to write a novel and fear tells me I won’t make it.

No matter what book I'm reading,
I always feel there is a better one
No matter what girl I'm kissing,
I always feel there is a nicer one.

The only thing
I know
is that I know

I’m not that little boy…
Who used to get chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny.

Give me a brand new soul, this ones pretty much dried up
It’s burnt out like a naked candle in the breeze.


Society is one grueling picture
U look mean in it

You have to be one or the other
There’s no time to suffer
Let your
Spirit flow higher

I'm alone in the world.

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Hi I am Nathan I have no ambition except to write. I love everything except work and insects, I absolutely hate cockroaches. I want to be a litarary bohemian, everything else seems meaningless to me. I read alot and I go out and drink alot and get on the dance floor and dance alot. I'm a travelling man, I love to travel and meet like minded people (and very few of them there are) . All I care about is enjoying life! I love writing poetry and prose and reflecting on my life and find a meaning to each day. I like to learn new things and if not learn, then enjoy new things. I have lost faith in living conventionally to an endless system and settling down, it might sound odd but I realise that there is no guarantee that I will survive passed this very day. I try to grab hold of the moment as much as I can even through I do end up in getting tied up in to a dead end job from time to time. I always moving on eventually and step forward with more strength, courage and wisdom! :) Nathan S 2007 I work in a bar and it gets a bit borning from time to time. I have booked a flight to Paris in mid February! I don't know where I will go from there and I don't car at this moment. I do read alot and if you read my poems you could prbably tell I'm a big Henry Miller fan, also Bukowski a bit of Hunter S Thomson, some Anais Nin and I do like George Orwell. Knut Hamsun writes beautifully and I do love Tolstoy, not read War And Peace but I loved his other stuff except Anna Karenina (that was boring) . http: //

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Money Money Money

But which came first?
Money or man?
Yes man!
And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something?
Money isn’t natural.
Money is worthless in the eyes of nature yet money rules the world.
Money is the God that man worships.
Money is metal, paper and numbers.
Money is what we spend all our lives working for.
Money is what we spend all our lives spending.
Money is what keeps us going.
Money is what keeps us down.
Money is power and greed.
Capitalism is the new religion and
God has been sold out for the pound.

Money is what makes man thinks he is better than man!

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