Money Money Money Poem by Nathan Strange

Money Money Money

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But which came first?
Money or man?
Yes man!
And now money rules man, doesn’t that tell you something?
Money isn’t natural.
Money is worthless in the eyes of nature yet money rules the world.
Money is the God that man worships.
Money is metal, paper and numbers.
Money is what we spend all our lives working for.
Money is what we spend all our lives spending.
Money is what keeps us going.
Money is what keeps us down.
Money is power and greed.
Capitalism is the new religion and
God has been sold out for the pound.

Money is what makes man thinks he is better than man!


Great work, profound. For man (for, he is greedy genetically) money is God now. And money is happiness. One of my beloved poets of the yore, Poomthanam (he wrote in Malayalam, my mother tongue) wrote, "Man is never satisfied with wealth."

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 20 April 2008

money is our is everything......good and evil

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Rachael Rewonxda 16 May 2007

Hi Nathan, I really enoyed your work! Keep up the great work.

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Aron Heroux 13 December 2006

Anyone who isn't a socialist by the age of 25 has no heart. Anyone who isn't a capitalist by the age of 35 has no brain. -Churchill or something. YMMV. Money isn't the problem, look deeper.

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Hi 10 March 2021

Money is the problem maybe you should open your eyes, don't you think?

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M S 05 December 2006

Oh Nate... just wait till you have some to play with ...

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hi 10 March 2021

you have no heart: (

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