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Can You See God

Do you see God inside the rain,
Or when the sun shines on your face,
When birds are singing songs of praise,
Or only if you start to pray

I'M Sick

I’m sick of always waiting for the breaks I never get,
I’m sick of being left behind and sleeping in my sweat,
I’m sick of making money when the ends are never met,
I’m sick of being sick of life I’m trapped inside a net,

Talking To You Talking To Me

Crimson skies sing lullabies losing sight of my disguise,
Burn the earth to stay alive, liars burn when liars lie,
Eating Gods own special dish, searing visions make a wish,
Tears of joy upon my lips, failed to see I failed to miss,

Herb And Mary

I’m racked with my guilt and I’m stung by my fear,
I kiss you upon the lips to make things unclear,
You silence the voices that I hear in my head,
The voices of critics that wish I was dead,

God Wipes Tears

Little Marcus on a mission buying milk from the store,
Came home a little late, burst right through the door,
And he calls his moms name but he hears no answer,
Cuz his mom passed away this morning from cancer,

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I'm not a poet. I'm not a writer. I'm also not human. I guess I'm supposed to describe me as a person. well, i won't. If you know me, good for you. If you don't, i don't care.

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