Nathaniel DeMay

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Nathaniel DeMay Poems

1. Devil's Decision 5/14/2005
2. What Is Here For You? 5/6/2005
3. Time By Time 5/6/2005
4. In The Battle's Eye 5/10/2005
5. Love Forbidden 5/10/2005
6. My Idle 5/13/2005
7. An Empty Love 5/16/2005
8. A Friend To Keep 5/17/2005
9. A Broken Wing 5/18/2005
10. Hidden 6/6/2005
11. Humanity 5/5/2005
12. My Love 5/5/2005
13. Tears Of Acid 5/5/2005
14. When I Wake Up 5/5/2005
15. Promise Me 5/5/2005
16. So Confused With Only One Question 5/13/2005
17. Killer 5/14/2005
18. Forgot 5/5/2005
19. One Who Waits For Death 5/5/2005
20. I'M Stuck In The Past 5/5/2005
21. The Day I Will Be No More 5/5/2005
22. (untitled) 10/16/2005
23. The Power Of The People 10/16/2005
24. I Am The Storm 5/5/2005

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Best Poem of Nathaniel DeMay

I Am The Storm

I am the storm,
always unhappy,
always the same.
The rain is my tears,
the cloud, my souless body,
the lightning my rage.

Can you hear me call you?
I loose my breath, and you call it wind.
Can you see me try to get near you?
Whenever I do, you shatter my sprit and call it hail.
Can you smell my desperateness?
It hang heavy near you and you call it humidity.

Can you feel me kiss you?
I do and you call it impossible.

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Devil's Decision

Don't tell me I have lost my mind,
I know where it is.
I sold it to the devil,
In return for some sanity.

Don't tell me I have screwed myself,
I know what what I've done.
In search for one great answer,
I got so lost along the way.

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