Ndina Kamaro Muofhe Poems

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It Feels Like Home

When the moon is on the roll,
And stars hanging by,
My soul takes rest.
When tides sleep beneath the palms of the sea,

Unfading Love

When you are far where my thought can reach
I'm born in a muse you are
Till you see me in dreams and prayers again

Closely Take A Look

I had worried in the nights
These had robbed me many peaceful sleeps
I had wondered in days
Wishing for me, time would reveal


We are born free from sorrows
We grew to marry our sorrows
In the expense of our happiness
The devil feasts on our souls

Refreshing Cup

The night feels young
I need a breeze in my thoughts
This cupful will do me wonders
My sorrows for a while, it would kill

A Beautiful Dawn

Time eludes us
Days pass while we still dream
Night fadeS while we slumber still
But nothing is good like a beautiful dawn

Tears Of The Moon

Stories under the sun
Rivers in the desert
Smiles of sadness
Beams bearing hate

She Is My Vibe

There she is.....
She, whose touch I want to feel
She is my favorite moment
And my wishes' destiny

Sweetest Woman

Picture a perfect feeling
From a poem written from the soul
It feels like one is in haven
An indescribable euphoria

Could It Be A Heart?

Perplexed poet within tons of thoughts
Lost in the construction of a sounding poem
A spirit so fragile is broken
In the hands of feelings' pandemonium