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When the moon is on the roll,
And stars hanging by,
My soul takes rest.
When tides sleep beneath the palms of the sea,

I had worried in the nights
These had robbed me many peaceful sleeps
I had wondered in days
Wishing for me, time would reveal


We are born free from sorrows
We grew to marry our sorrows
In the expense of our happiness
The devil feasts on our souls

The night feels young
I need a breeze in my thoughts
This cupful will do me wonders
My sorrows for a while, it would kill

Time eludes us
Days pass while we still dream
Night fadeS while we slumber still
But nothing is good like a beautiful dawn

Stories under the sun
Rivers in the desert
Smiles of sadness
Beams bearing hate

There she is.....
She, whose touch I want to feel
She is my favorite moment
And my wishes' destiny

Picture a perfect feeling
From a poem written from the soul
It feels like one is in haven
An indescribable euphoria

Perplexed poet within tons of thoughts
Lost in the construction of a sounding poem
A spirit so fragile is broken
In the hands of feelings' pandemonium


On a path of darkness,
a soul wanders up and down in distress
Like a hungry hunter in an unknown jungle, it roams
Food will be the peace it seeks

I wish I could remember it all
But everyday pieces of our memories fade
Even my heart worry less than before
It no longer get arrested in the past - - >You.

Trying heart in silent pain
and thoughts parading
on a lonely road.
Remembering the times

Few steps down to memory lane,
destiny is a burning hell.
Scriptures are there to remind
Pain not yet left behind

I see diamonds in the stars

I see diamonds in the stars. When they shine, they drain out all my blues. Blowing my mind away from this life full of lies. Away from friends who can't stand on their own, like lice. Them being around me, is just another road to my demise. I pray to keep those who contribute to my bliss. For them, I call the heavens to never cease to bless.

When the night lies awake,
In times when my sleep hides in coy,
They wander in wonders.
Bright stars' shine would lead the way

Just another bird born in a cage
Freedom it seeks, even in this rage
Chained to bars named 'lesser wage'
Wings clipped by egoful racial gauge

These days I'm writing for the few
I don't think it's something new
But what I have to do.
The words I scribble,

When darkness drives the world into blunders,
It feels the glide of an arrogant pain
It's no question why it's torn in disdain

Untold moments,
Stashed factual beyond horizons
Becoming feet of unresting tides

In the silent night, amid the scary darkness,
She falls like a shooting star
To the lands full of dreams about her,
Like an awaited ferry from farthest lands

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It Feels Like Home

When the moon is on the roll,
And stars hanging by,
My soul takes rest.
When tides sleep beneath the palms of the sea,
Enchantment is born and frowning days are humbled.

The wounds within, heal
It's a reformation I feel
And all the pain, is killed
The coldness took a one way stroll
Now, it feels like home
Where love is warm.

Shadows reigned valleys where my soul resides
Like angry storms and ocean's scary tides
Drowning all my hope in the loneliness
Before you came to fill my empty heart.

You are here now
And within your presence and embraces,
It feels like home.

Sad tales are done told
So, this new moment is worthy to hold
I won't cease to appreciate your role
It had collected me back to my whole
And now, it feels like home.

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Do not expect the world to tell you the truth while you are lying to yourself.

The road of redemption carries maturity

For as long as you try, You may succeed

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